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Free MKV to AVI Converter from Freedom Software Company Makes a Fantastic and Quality Job

Freedom Software Company develops various custom software applications that meet the needs of businesses of any kind. Free MKV to AVI converter is an effective tool that does the job of conversion with the highest quality. Customers may take advantage of this and other free software applications developed by professional Freedom Software Company team.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2014 -- The format of video files that people use can now easily be changed with the more convenient one using the Free MKV to AVI converter developed by the specialists from Freedom Software Company. The AVI format maintains the same high quality as in original format, so customers can enjoy the new video files in a minute. Those who find difficulties realizing that their video files are in the inconvenient MKV format, consider the new free AVI Converter as their lifesaver.

An additional benefit of the free MKV to AVI Converter is that it can convert equally well in both directions, so people can turn their AVI files into MKV, if they like.

The program is small, so the process of downloading is very simple and fast. The company ensures safe and efficient download without unwanted additional software being attached to it. The layout is user-friendly, attractive and packed with different features to make the customers’ experience convenient. People easily find what they search for, due to the uncomplicated design.

The plus-labeled icons as well as a drag and drop option enable users to add folders or single files easily into the interface of the application. The customers are asked where they want to save the files anytime they start the process of conversion. Less than a minute is needed to convert a MKV video with one-minute duration to AVI format. The conversed file is with the same quality, as the MKV, so users will enjoy both, the high speed and quality of the free converter. The only drawback of the program is that it doesn’t have real progress bar.

People can conveniently make use of the free MKV to AVI converter, which is a bit different from the universal converters, providing more advantages, such as the high speed of the conversion process, two-direction conversion, basic and user-friendly layout, as well as the opportunity to watch the favorite videos in the desired format.

With the free MKV to AVI Converter, users can take advantage of both video formats AVI and MKV. AVI, which stands for Audio Video Interleave is a multimedia format developed by Microsoft for high video quality and contain video and audio data, which plays role in synchronization of video and audio playback. MKV files, on the other hand, are standard for video/audio industry designed for digital multimedia. So no matter what video players people use, they can greatly benefit from the MKV to AVI Converter, as it requires minimal space and is free and very convenient to use.

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