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MKV to MP4 Converter Created by Freedom Software Company Is a Superb Product for Users Worldwide

Freedom Software Company is experienced in development of various useful custom video and audio software applications. The passionate team of young developers is motivated to offer the market only high quality products, many of which are completely free of charge. The customers can take advantage of useful MKV to MP4 Converter created by the company to provide convenience they need.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2014 -- There are a lot of benefits that make people choose to download MKV to MP4 Converter created by Freedom Software Company. To start with, it is completely free, so the users may use it without having to pay for expensive software. Secondly, the converter works equally well in both directions, i.e. people can convert MKV to MP4 files, as well as MP4 to MKV based on their needs.

The process of downloading and file conversion is very fast, and the layout is basic, so that the users can easily understand how it works. In order to add a MKV file into the interface, users have to simply click on the plus icon or make use of drag and drop option. People, who prefer to add whole folders, can also do it with MKV to MP4 Converter.

All hassles of searching for the saved file are prevented, as the program always asks where exactly to save each of the files. The process of conversions continues for a minute or even less, which is very fast for high-resolution video, while the quality of the video and audio remains the same. The company ensures that the customer gets two amazing benefits in one product – super fast speed and amazing quality. However, a progress bar is missing, which is the only drawback for people who would like to track the process of file conversion.

The Free MKV to MP4 Converter offered by Freedom Software Company surpasses all universal converters, being free, fast and efficient in converting files in greater compression format, providing more features and support. It is very convenient for watching videos on mobile devices, while still enjoy the same high quality.

People who make use of MKV to MP4 Converter can take advantage of MKV as well as MP4 video formats. MKV is a preferred format used by publishers, as it is an open tool that is standard for encoding video, subtitle and audio files in one file. This is the reason why this format is widely adopted and open licensed. Although MP4 files are not as popular, it is widely used for video and audio storage and is a common format for digital multimedia. It is very convenient for storing still images, subtitles and other data.

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( The passion of young enthusiastic team of Freedom Software Company is combined to create useful software applications, some of which are completely free for the customers worldwide. Their mission is to develop custom video and audio programs that every business can avail of.