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Modular Homes Ratings Released for 2012 Released by Modular Homes Network

Is it spring time for Modular Housing?


Reno, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/27/2012 -- The 2012 Modular Homes Manufacturer reviews have been release from The housing downturn has been tough for the Modular Homes Industry , including Manufacturers and Builders alike. But it looks like things may have finally started to stabilize. With more starts in 2012 then last year and growth in some segments such as Multi-family, the Modular Homes Industry may be on the mend.

This year’s update continues the annual tradition of providing helpful reviews and tons of information on the Modular Housing building process. The reviews cover over 80 of the industries key Manufacturers, providing details on quality, designs and other important factors for evaluating the best modular home manufacturer.

Modular Homes are continuing their trend in growth to become a larger and larger portion of the overall housing industry. Even in this rough economy, modular homes can promise to be the best option and for those budget conscious buyer. The value and quality of a well-built modular home can easily exceed that of a stick built home, and with the added cost saving, more and more home-buyers are realizing the advantages of a Modular Home. Not to be confused with Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes are built to the same design and standards of a stick built home, just using factory-built techniques to ensure quality, uniformity and the cost savings of scale.

The downside to this year’s review, was the continued attrition seen across much of the construction industry. With the slow in home building in most states, many of the Modular House builders and manufacturers continue to struggle for survival. In 2011, we continued to see more modular builders and manufacturers close their doors as they were not able to bring in enough business to keep their factories and crews moving. But with the first quarter of 2012 past, the numbers appear to be picking up and the industry is poised to see growth again.

Some of the notable states showing more growth in this beginning of this year included the New England area, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Connecticut and down into New Jersey. Other areas showing more growth were Texas, Louisiana and some areas of the upper Midwest. As we move further into spring and summer, the test will be to see the momentum continue.

A spokesman for, reported that ‘after speaking with many of the builders and manufacturers, the feeling is that we have found bottom in the industry. Those that have survived have lean organizations that can continue to function, meanwhile they continue to hunt for new opportunities in this thin market. But the feeling is definitely trending to relief and optimism for those still standing.’

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