Moovz, New Social Content Platform for the Gay Community, Announces $2.4 Million in Funding

Tremendous Round of Funding for the Social Network Connecting Gay Men Locally and Globally


Tel-Aviv, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2014 -- Interacting Technology, the Israel based social vertical building platform, announced today the raising of $1.4 million in a second round of funding on behalf of,a new social content platform and mobile application geared toward the gay community. This additional round brings the platform’s total funding to $2.4 million, with investments coming exclusively from entrepreneurs, a number of which are daily contributors to the site, and Moovz’slegal advisory, Preis, Baharav, & Co.

Since its Beta launch in October 2013, Moovz has been available online and on mobile devices worldwide. The platform currently operates in eight different languages and launched with over 35 million user interactions worldwide. Moovz is growing continuously, with 50% growth month over month, the platform has experienced 15 million one-on-one chats between users, over 9 million comments, 500,000 image uploads since its inception, and is the first social site to introduce a live feed specifically geared towards gay audiences.

Moovz is the only platform that connects gay men from around the world and invites them to share content with like-minded individuals, giving them a sense of community on a global scale.The platform’s main goal is to provide real-time interaction with a focus on authentic user engagement and global communication. Moovz is IP recognizable, which determines user language and location, making the experience localized with the opportunity to interact globally. By bringing these individuals together within a shared platform, users engage easier, share more content, and make stronger connections because of their commonalities.

“After Moovz saw initial success within Asian countries, our natural next move was to bring investors on board from the countries in which it had been successful,” says Liav Eliash, Co-Founder & CEO of Moovz. “With this investment round, the company is able to go forward, improving platform features and making the user experience even better. Our goal is to create the ultimate communities, support and social conduit for gay men across the globe and our investors have made it achievable.”

Moovz features a variety of connectivity options that optimize user engagement. To promote the discovery aspect of social networking, Moovz uses an advanced engine to place individuals in the same space as others with whom they already have mutual interests, creating an environment in which they build relationships with greater ease.Contributing to the need of content sharing, Moovz offers live broadcast events which users can choose to attend and even host their own events. The platform always provides a continuous stream of new content and entertainment.

“I like the concept of Moovz. I really hope the gay community takes advantage of this great opportunity to meet others in a safe and supportive environment,” says an experienced Moovz user. “Moovz has built a place online where gay men can share content openly. I look forward to meeting some great people and building some lasting friendships.”

With all of its innovative features and content sharing attributes, Moovz was able to garner the interest of gay influencers worldwide, such as the famed Ukrainian all-male dance group, Kazaky, and has collaborated with Element Magazine’s Asia Pink Awards, recognizing individuals and businesses that promote the acceptance of human rights in Asian countries. Moovz is also currently working with many more top industry names and seeking more partners for future collaborations.

For more information or to join Moovz visit or download on your Android or Apple device.

About Moovz
Moovz is a new social content platform and mobile application for gay men, available worldwide. Operating in eight different languages, Moovz has grown to have over 35 million interactions between users since its in-beta launch in October 2013.Through an advanced engine that identifies common interests, Moovz enables users to discover, share and build engaging relationships in a new and revolutionary way.

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