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Penny Stocks although extremely risky can also be extremely rewarding. Penny Stock 2012 believes all investors should consider them. The return on investment can be massive. A lot can be said about rumors when it comes to Penny Stocks. When a stock has increased chat room activity it can signal several things such as a upcoming promo, great news, or new product. Here are a few companies listed in the top active message boards on Investors Hub today that Penny Stock 2012 noticed.

CleanPath Resources Corp. (PINK:CLNP) formerly CanAm Uranium Corp., is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mining properties. The Company is focusing its primary business activity to acquire the Wheeler-Beckett claims and acquiring of rights to explore for and develop uranium and other mineralized material in other geographical locations and explore the Halo Property, which is one of the eight Bancroft Claims.

Southridge Enterprises Inc. (PINK:SRGE) is a renewable energy company. The Company seeks to engage in the production and marketing of ethanol and other renewable fuels in the south eastern region of the United States.

IceWEB, Inc. (OTC:IWEB) manufacture and market unified data storage, purpose built appliances, network and cloud attached storage solutions and deliver on-line cloud computing application services.

Tenguy World International, Inc. (PINK:TGWI) operates as an oil drilling company in the United States.

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