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Mother Finds Cure for Baby's Eczema Without Use of Steroids


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/17/2014 -- 6-month old baby Lauren was suffering from debilitating eczema, otherwise known as atopic dermatitis. The intense itch resulted in young baby Lauren scratching herself until she bled, and her mother, Jolene Liow, founder of Jo Lauren Baby Skincare & Bath, decided enough is enough.

Instead of applying topical steroids on her daughter, Jolene relied on her knowledge from her previous work in the skincare industry and formulated the Baby Miracle Balm.

“Lauren was fully breast fed from birth so we could rule out food allergies,” said Jolene, “And it was clear her skin was flaring up due to product irritants in her baby products.” Despite trying several products recommended by Lauren’s paediatrician and friends, Lauren’s eczema only worsened over time.

Instinctively, Jolene decided to create her own moisturizer for Lauren, and bathed her in organic colloidal oatmeal. The result? Baby Lauren’s eczema showed instant improvement and over the course of just 2 months, healed completely without scars. Lauren is turning 15 months and no longer suffers from eczema flare-ups and has enviable baby soft skin.

It was not easy. Even after consulting with veteran industry experts in baby products, Jolene had to come up with several formulations until she perfected the Baby Miracle Balm. Insisting on only the best quality ingredients, Jolene crafted the products using organic and 100% food-grade ingredients. Her mantra: If it’s safe enough to eat, it’s gentle enough for baby’s skin.

Jolene credits the efficacy of the Baby Miracle Balm with its 100% organic high-linoleic sunflower oil base. Instead of the commonly used olive oil or coconut oil base, high-linoleic sunflower oil has a wealth of research backing it’s use in repairing baby skin’s natural barrier function and improving hydration levels. To boost the skin repair quality of the oil, Jolene infused organic calendula flowers and plaintain leaves, both of which have proven healing powers. Since bacteria can worsen eczema, Jolene added elderberry extract, organic lavender oil and organic tea tree oils for potent anti-bacterial and antioxidant qualities in the Baby Miracle Balm.

What started as a remedy for her own baby’s eczema became the inspiration for the boutique line of 8 products for babies and toddlers. And thanks to the Baby Miracle Balm, many mothers have spared their babies from using topical steroids, evident from the glowing customer testimonials on the official website,

“My 3 month old had a sudden burst of rashes along the thighs and legs, arms as well as tummy and face. After a week of steroid cream from the paediatrician, there wasn’t much improvements,” said customer Eunice Zhou. “Then I decided to give the miracle balm a shot, hoping for a miracle! After a week of application, the rashes started to dry up and clear, starting with the arms and legs. Her face no longer flares up when she rubs. I'm glad I chanced upon Jo Lauren's Baby Miracle Balm. Looking forward to my baby regaining her baby soft skin.”

Another customer left a testimonial for the Baby Miracle Balm, “The Baby Miracle Balm has been working wonders! On my baby's first application, the rough and dry patches became smooth overnight and disappeared just after 4 days of continuous application before bedtime!” Customer Xie Xiaofen continued, “Yesterday, I applied the Baby Miracle Balm over his red flare ups and it calmed down overnight too! The results have been really amazing and best of all, it is so portable to bring along everywhere. Finally a product that is both organic and affordable! Bidding goodbyes to steriods and my boy is ready to try out new food without worrying about those rashes. Definitely recommending it to family and friends.”

Founder Jolene Liow believes that her Baby Miracle Balm is key to restoring baby’s natural skin barrier and that baby eczema can be healed completely without the use of steroids.

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