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Motorcycle Helmet Reviews Launches New Online Resource


Wayne, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2014 -- A brand new motorcycle helmet reviews online resource has just been launched, giving motorcycle enthusiasts an unbiased platform to read in-depth reviews of the industry’s most popular motorcycle helmets. All of the helmet reviews featured on the website are done by experienced riders that have been involved in the industry for many years. “We noticed a lack of helmet reviews that were written by actual riders and not a marketing company that was writing them in order to attract sales. Consumers can visit our website and read our reviews knowing that they are 100% unbiased and they feature feedback and opinions of actual motorcycle enthusiasts,” explained Matthew Harrison of Motorcycle Helmet Reviews.

“With so many helmet models available today it is important that consumers spend some time and purchase a helmet that will fit them correctly and offer the best protection. For instance, a consumer may walk into a dealership showroom floor and see a full line of Shoei helmets and not know the difference between the several models they manufacture. They can visit our website and look through all of our Shoei reviews, such as our Shoei XR 1100 review, and get the specifics for each model,” continued Matthew Harrison of Motorcycle Helmet Reviews. The Shoei line of helmets is just one of several brands that are available on the website. Consumers can also read reviews for Airoh, Arai, Nolan, and Schuberth helmets in addition to Shoei.

One of the key points to remember is that the reviews found on the website are written by motorcycle enthusiasts that have years of riding experience and have used several different helmets over the course of their riding. Mr. Harrison added, “Nothing beats experience, and our reviewers are avid motorcycle riders that provide detailed information in the reviews. For example our Schuberth C3 Pro review is one of the most popular reviews on our website now, as the popularity has really taken off since it arrived in the United States from Germany. Consumers interested in this helmet can read our review and determine whether or not they feel it is the right helmet for them.”

About Motorcycle Helmet Reviews
Motorcycle Helmet Reviews is a website that features complete reviews of the most popular motorcycle helmets available to riders today. The website reviews popular helmet models from the following manufacturers: Airoh, Arai, Nolan, Schuberth, and Shoei, and has plans to include more brands in the future. All reviews are written by experienced riders and are completely unbiased, allowing riders that are in the market for a new helmet to visit the website and read real reviews that are not written by the manufacturers. For more information and to read the available helmet reviews please visit