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101 Sleep Solutions Reveals How to Stop Your Partner from Snoring

Educational discussions about alternative methods to stop snoring before choosing surgery


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2014 -- While financial differences is considered the number one problem in partnerships, snoring is not far behind. Snoring is not just a matter of a noisy interference in the bedroom. It can indicate serious medical problems that may require surgery. Of these, sleep apnea is one that specialists look at first. It is important to know that not all snoring indicates sleep apnea but it is a symptom and if ignored can lead to heart attacks, high blood pressure and strokes.

“Who would have thought that the way you breathe in your sleep was related to strokes? This was one of the reasons that we became involved in finding ways to reduce or alleviate snoring,” said Steven Sanders. “In searching the internet, we found three types of websites associated with snoring: those selling a product, those suggesting positioning or other free ideas and the medical sites trying to explain what causes snoring in the first place.”

Sleep Solutions 101, of Dallas, Texas specializes in providing up-to-date information, open-minded product reviews, free methods and product recommendations such as an anti-snoring mouthguard.

“While both men and women snore, it appears that women are the ones who are annoyed by it more since they are the ones reporting it. It became my personal quest to find a way to help women find the right method to stop their husband’s snoring.” Mr. Sanders went on to explain that his family has experienced the negative effects of snoring including anger and arguments the next day over trivial matters because partners are too tired to think clearly.

One of the many products that we researched is the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece. This is one of the newest mouth guards to treat snoring and the reviews are mixed. The maker does provide the results of a clinical study but it only includes 32 participants so its reliability is still out. There are not many reliable reviews available as yet but we did find one that was very thorough and written by a legitimate user. Overall, he gave the device a positive review with the caveat that it nothing works for everyone.

There is no one product or method that reduces or relieves snoring and not all causes of snoring can be cured with surgery. In general, Sleep Solutions 101 recommends starting with the free techniques such as repositioning the body, using a different pillow or neck ring, and drinking more water before going to sleep.

“If those methods fail, the next step is to see your doctor to determine if the cause is a medical problem or an environmental or behavioral issue.” Mr. Sanders made the point that “In either case, your physician may recommend an anti-snoring mouth guard first. Our research has found that the Breathe Easy anti-snoring mouthguard is more effective than anything else on the market at this time.”

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