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Movie Houses Commercial Real Estate Moviemarvelmuseum.com Promotes Home Exchange on Its Maiden Issue

Newest blog on real estate Moviemarvelmuseum.com opens its site with an article on the on echange maison gratuity as a unique way to see the world.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2012 -- Times are changing and they are talking here about travel. The economic crunch that has hit years ago has taught us a new way of traveling that has remained popular up to this day. So when budget is tight holidays are no longer a problem, the home swapping concept answers for that. And not only does this concept apply to vacations, even permanent home exchange has taken its rightful place in the world of real estate.

While the home swapping idea or echange maison has been long practiced in Europe, the concept is novel elsewhere. Seeing the world on free lodging has whetted the appetite of many savvy travelers and most has been hooked for good after their first apprehensive try.

Bob and Greta L. of Orlando, Florida had been spending holidays with their two kids on exotic places all over the world. Notwithstanding economic crisis, this wise couple has brought their kids to dream vacations by simply exchanging their home for somebody else’s across the globe. Greta says, “They love this idea of swapping homes. They go to a place and live in a comfortable house rather than in a cramped hotel room. They get to experience the life of a local and get immersed in their culture. The experience is something out of the ordinary. Plus they get a bonus of extra money for shopping from the savings on hotel bills. “

For somebody to get the privilege of home exchange, they have to register to an online community of home swappers for a minimal fee. And that’s about what they pay for a year of access to gorgeous abodes around the world. The idea of “they stay in my house, I’ll stay in theirs” has augured well for travelers who do not mind welcoming strangers to their own dwellings. “There is a certain level of trust in here” says Bill, a veteran home exchange traveller from California. “That is why if they feel uneasy about other people using the things then this is not for them. But they have to remember, they are using their things in their home as well,” he added.

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