Offers New General Overview of XM3

Website owner Tricia Schryer takes a closer look at the100% natural energy drink that continues to gain popularity around the world.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2012 -- Tricia Schryer, the owner of, recently posted a new overview on the energy drink XM3. In her overview, she explains all of the reasons why XM3 has shot up the rankings and become one of the best options for people looking to drink a natural, safe and effective energy drink.

Many products do not give the whole truth on the label. They will have something that they are powered by, but they will also conveniently leave out other products put into the energy drink that could do long-term damage to a person. All ingredients and effects that they cause are listed on the label, providing that XM3 is in fact 100% natural.

Unlike Zija Smart Mix directions, there are no directions at all when it comes to XM3. Instead, the drinks come ready to consume, consisting of only natural caffeine, desert tea, grean tea, fruit pectin, TMG, ginseng and allium sativum. In the article, Schryer details what exactly each one of these ingredients bring to the table.

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