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Global Nanocoatings in Electronics Industry


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2014 -- Nanotechnology is making a significant impact on the electronics sector, driven by consumer electronics requirements and the need to enhance the speed and performance of computing components while reducing their size. A number of electronic products made with nanomaterials are already commercially available and more are coming onto the market in 2014, especially in consumer electronics. Liquid repellent, thermal, conductive, magnetic and anticorrosive nanocoatings have been applied inside and outside electronic devices. Graphene, carbon nanotubes, silver nanoparticles and nanowires and quantum dots are finding their way into the displays and touchscreens markets.

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Table Of Contents

1 Executive Summary 3
2 Report Methodology 6
3 Introduction 7
Desirable properties of nanoparticles
Production methods
4 Anti-Fingerprint Nanocoatings 10
Market drivers
5 Superhydrophic Nanocoatings 13
Market drivers
6 Conductive Nanocoatings 16
Market drivers
7 Nanomaterials In Electronics 18
Carbon nanotubes
Silicon dioxide nanoparticles
Aluminium oxide nanoparticles
Antimony tin oxide nanopartices
8 Market Outlook For Nanocoatings In The Electronics Industry 24
Conductive coatings
9 Electronics Nano Coatings Companies 31-60

List Of Tables and Figures

Table 1: Addressable global market size for nanomaterials in electronics 2013, most promising applications
Table 2 : Global market for nanocoatings 2012-2020
Table 3 : Market summary for anti-fingerprint nanocoatings
Table 4 : Anti-fingerprint nanocoatings-Principles, Properties, Effect, Applications and Companies
Table 5 : Market summary for superhydrophobic nanocoatings
Table 6 : Superhydrophobic nanocoatings-Principles, Properties, Effect, Applications and Companies
Table 7 : Market summary for conductive nanocoatings
Table 8 : Conductive nanocoatings-Principles, Properties, Effect, Applications and Companies
Table 9: Nanomaterials utilized in electronics
Table 10: Properties of materials for transparent conducting film
Table 11: Nanocoatings in the electronics market
Table 12 : Nanocoatings market supply chain

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