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Nature Galapagos & Ecuador Cia LTD. Invited Visitors to Celebrate Environment Week 2014


Quito, Ecuador -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2014 -- The organization was formed with a view to inspire, encourage, inform and enable nations and their citizens to adapt to ways and means that will help in saving and conserving a healthy environment. Ever since this organization was first formed, June 5th every year is celebrated as the World Environment Day.

This year, it is time that everyone thinks about species that are increasingly becoming extinct. It was recently found that the number of species being extinct is increasing day by day. There are very few places in the world where animals and birds get a safe place to live. The Galapagos Islands that are situated just 620 miles away from the Ecuadorian coastline are a home to a number of species that are found nowhere else in the world. It was here that Charles Darwin was inspired to state his Theory of Evolution.

Just a month before the World Environment Day, this year, the Galapagos Islands were found to be endangered by the wrecking of a ship named Galapaface 1. The government of Ecuador had declared an environmental emergency in this area as everyone was concerned about the adverse effects that this would have on the marine life of these islands. Managing to slowly rise through this incident, the Galapagos Islands still proudly flaunts the variety of flora and fauna present there.

Ever since the islands were first discovered, they are the only part of the world that has so many varieties of plants and animals together. The most famous Galapagos Island Tours are what people look out for while they think of visiting this lovely welcoming paradise. The islands promise to offer much more than one can actually expect. There won’t be even a single minute that you would not see some rare animal or a plant while you are walking.

What else on earth can be so interesting to be visiting on The World Environment Day? The Galapagos Islands prove to be the best place where one can experience a closer look into the environment along with species that they may have never seen before. Nature Galapagos & Ecuador Cia Ltd, a top tour company in this area is busy celebrating their Environment Week 2014. They have announced special Environmental Galapagos Island Tours that will help the tourists experience both fun and excitement along with great services offered to tour the islands and get introduced to an all new world of life!

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