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Nature Galapagos Welcomes the Newest Mammal of Ecuador - Olinguito

Nikolay Mancheno, one of the leading tour operators located in Quito, Ecuador happily welcomed the discovery of the smallest member of Raccoon family. The mammal – Olinguito (pronounced O-lin-GHEE-to) is found in Andean cloud forests and western parts of Columbia.


Quito, Ecuador -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2014 -- This is an animal which you may find to be a mixture of both the raccoon and a teddy bear, but is not heavy as teddy bear but a lap-sized mammal, which was unveiled as the first carnivore mammal found in the western Hemisphere in last 35 years. Scientists realized that, these animals were found in the zoo for many years and it was misunderstood as the larger cousin of Olingo. Experts have quoted that these tree crawling mammals did not want to mate with the Olingo which was very unusual.

Nikolay said, this species is named as Bassaricyon neblina, which is the smallest among all the members of the family as raccoon, Olingo and kinkajous. The creature uses its tiny claws to climb the trees and also has big round eyes. This jumps from one tree to another in the search of its food that is small insects. This discovery took a decade to find these species of the mammal. The scientist during the study realized that the specimens of the Olinguito were found at an altitude of 1500 to 2700 feet that was a place of Olingo living. They have also been differentiated with their cousins by DNA test.

The mammal has a differently shaped from the others and the fur coat which is of orange-brown is also denser. These smaller animals were finding in and around when the research took place in South America. These creatures are much active during the times and are found in plenty in the cloud forest of western Andes. They prefer to have a single baby instead of having several and also like to stay in the trees most of the time. The weight of the tiny little creature is almost one kilogram which helps them to swing from one place to other as they do the pendulum swing in the same place by humans. These creatures are believed to be the ambassador of cloud forest of Ecuador. It is been found that the places where the Olinguito live have been converted to farmlands and other which will make this species an endangered one.

Other than the Olinguito, there are four more sub species of the same family which doesn't come under the endangered species list. They are also available many in numbers in the area like Venezuela and Peru. Back in times theses tiny creatures were used to be exhibited in zoos in many places, but no studies were carried on the animal.

Now that the animal has come to extinct you will have very little time to study regarding the characteristics of the mammal. You may grab a rare opportunity of spotting them while on a trip to Amazon Jungle or while visiting the famous water sport spots in Ecuador.

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