Never Cold Call Again Undergoes 7th Revision for 2014

The Never Cold Call Again System, the flagship product of New York Times best-selling author Frank Rumbauskas, has undergone its 7th revision and has been fully updated for 2014.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2014 -- The Never Cold Call Again System, the flagship product of Frank Rumbauskas, author of the New York Times best-seller Never Cold Call Again and several other best-selling books, has undergone its 7th revision and is updated for 2014 to reflect changes to the Internet and social media portions of the course.

The first edition of the Never Cold Call Again System was released in early 2003, when Frank Rumbauskas had become a top sales rep in both his industry and his city, attracting attention both from fellow salespeople as well as competitors who sought his employment.

Rumbauskas, who had always had the goal of becoming a business owner and never having a job again, had a try at creating a sales course that would teach salespeople the very same tactics and techniques that he had used to become a top-performing salesperson without any cold calling, or any other form of cold prospecting, whatsoever.

The product literally became an overnight success, with the first copy sold after only thirty minutes of the website going live, and with Frank quitting his last job forever at the age of thirty, only a few weeks later.

"Of course, 2003 was eleven years ago, and things have changed dramatically since then. I've had to continually revise the course to reflect changes in the Internet-related modules of the course, and the two modules on social media were added in 2012 and have also been updated. After all, social media was barely in its infancy in 2003 and most, if not all, of the social media properties used by salespeople today, didn't even exist yet," comments Rumbauskas.

Rumbauskas now updates the course twice each year, every time inventory is re-ordered and the workbook and CDs go to the printer for duplication.

Before the social media age, the system rarely needed revising, and remained unchanged for the first several years that was in business.

"Since social media has come onto the sales scene, I don't think I've ever gone six months without making significant updates to the course," he says.

Rumbauskas cautions salespeople, however, that social media is not the end-all and be-all to solve the problem of generating sales leads. "There's a myth out there that my system, and any other course that teaches salespeople how to generate sales without cold calling, is all about social media. This is not the case at all. Only two of the five modules in the Never Cold Call Again System are about social media. That leaves the majority of the course focusing on other methods and techniques to generate leads without cold calling."

Rumbauskas points out that many people have come to his blog and made comments about social media not being the answer for everything, when in reality they have not read the course and don't realize that social media is just a small part of the puzzle.

Says Rumbauskas, "In reality, LinkedIn is really the only social media property that salespeople should be focusing on. Facebook has a place for researching prospects and learning about their personal lives for the purpose of finding commonalities to build rapport, but beyond that, it's really a bit of a red herring."

In fact, in Frank's online marketing consulting and SEO firm, ROI Media, based in Dallas, Texas, he says that most people call wanting to do a social media strategy for their business, and must be convinced that search engine marketing and PPC advertising such as Google AdWords are infinitely more important - and should come before - any time and money spent on social media.

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