New Ashtray Reviews & Buyers Guide Site at Launches

The Best Ashtray Reviews & Buyers Guide site at has launched. The site has reviews on the different types of ashtrays, from indoor smokeless ashtrays to car ashtrays.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2012 -- The Best Ashtray Reviews & Buyers Guide website located at has been launched. offers reviews and information about various kinds of ashtrays for the home, office, patio, outdoors and cars to users. Ashtrays have been around for hundreds of years, and like everything else, there have been innovations in last 5 years to the basic product. Instead of settling for a basic ashtray dish, consumers on the site can read and find out about the latest kinds of ashtrays available today that best suits their needs.

As a trend, smoking has been declining overall. Stores these days offer a more limited amount of ashtrays to consumers, as it costs too much to carry an excessive inventory. Through using an online platform, site visitors can now access, read reviews about, and purchase an ashtray that works best for their home, garden or office area. An ashtray is a necessary item to manage the ashes and fumes for anyone who smokes, or live with family members or roommates who smoke cigarettes or cigars.

One of the common complaints regarding smoking relates to the second hand smoke, odors and fumes that result. According to the Best Ashtray Reviews & Buyers' Guide site, this can be reduced through the use of a good smokeless ashtray. There are two main kinds of technology - carbon filter and ionic smokeless ashtrays. Carbon filter ashtrays are older in technology, but they are inexpensive and work well. Ionic ashtrays are more advanced and high performing. More information can be found on the Smokeless Ashtray Reviews & Buyers Guide on the site.

Besides smokeless ashtrays, another popular category of ashtrays reviewed are car ashtrays. According to the Car Ashtray Reviews & Buyers Guide on, ashtrays in cars are important for keeping the ashes, odors and butts in check. More and more, cars these days do not come equipped with ashtrays. Some drivers may prefer to use a portable ashtray that can be inexpensively used and replaced over time to keep the car's interior clean and smelling better.

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The site is a site dedicated to providing up-to-date reviews and buying tips on various types of ashtrays for the home, office, outdoors and patios. On this site, visitors can check out various Buyers Guides for indoor ashtrays, smokeless ashtrays, outdoor ashtrays, car ashtrays and more. Not all ashtrays are made the same. Some will be more helpful than others depending on what the needs of the users and their families are. There are also reviews, buying tips and top rated lists of ashtrays, so visitors can easily get the best ash tray that helps them manage the ashes and odors that result from smoking.