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New Business Opportunity to Start Your Own SEO Company from SEO Humvee

Extreme SEO Internet Solution, a certified SEO company, announces the release of its kick start program, SEO Humvee, where customers can start their own SEO Company without any knowledge or experience necessary.


Vavuniya, Sri Lanka -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/07/2012 -- Recent statistics show that there are over two billion people online each day, roughly making it 40% of the population. With that being said, 81% of businesses polled consider their online presence an important asset of their company. However, in reality competing online and being able to rank well in the search engine can seem like a daunting task for many who are unfamiliar with SEO best practices or who lack the resources to take actionable steps.

Offering an affordable and viable solution, Extreme SEO Internet Solution is pleased to offer a new kick start program called 'SEO Humvee'. Its website, SEOHumvee.com, will detail the Complete SEO Business Kit which makes it simple for anyone to Start your Own SEO Company without any prior knowledge. Currently the program is limited to only 250 members and is being offered exclusively as a Warrior Special Offer (WSO), in an internet marketing forum.

"This is a 100% Autopilot business website to Start your Own Seo Business. There is no programming knowledge required. We provide User Guide documents containing marketing material and training. In addition our certified staff is able to fulfill the SEO services for your clients. We also provide End user support to your customers, which means we are going to provide support to your customers on your behalf," said Sharanyan Sharma, CEO & Managing Director of Extreme SEO Internet Solution.

According to Sharma, there are a few key features that make the program unique for customers. First, there is only a low one-time fee to start. The program includes a customized eCommerce website that is simple to understand and easy to manage. For those who do not have any SEO experience, the program offers a comprehensive package of marketing materials to make it easy for anyone to get started right away.

"You will receive complete marketing Material, where you will learn where you can find potential buyers, how to initiate the conversation, submit a proposal, follow up, close the deal and plus promote your business through various outlets," added Sharma. "SMS API integration allows you to be constantly updated on order updates and support tickets," he continued.

Secondly, the SEO Humvee program is supported by 60+ in-house staff members and project managers that are certified SEO consultants. Customers of SEO Humvee are able to offer SEO and Social Media Packages to their own customers. New features that will be implemented soon are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and Pinterest OpenAuthentication as well as SMS API integration. SMS integration will allow of updated about new orders, status requests and support ticket update to be texted to the customer's mobile device.

To learn more about the new kick start program of SEO Humvee, please visit the Start your Own SEO Company WSO thread online.