Family Storyteller

New Family Video Documentaries Offer Insight and Interviews About the Lives of Loved Ones

Kimberly Houk started the Family Storyteller in order to help families compile together memories into one cohesive piece.


Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2014 -- As a broadcast journalist, Kimberly Houk has a broad background of telling people’s stories. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in broadcasting and has worked in various states including Utah, Illinois, Maryland, and Florida. Her work highlights include coverage from the Casey Anthony and Lori Hacking cases. She organized and began Family Storyteller as a means to use her journalism skills to create remembrance videos that highlight all the great aspects of the lives of loved ones. For family members who have passed on, are reaching an older age, or anyone who wants to document a special event, these videos leave a legacy of their life behind.

The Family Storyteller offers a variety of different price levels, all of which include interviews with different loved ones, written stories, and professional voiceover. Packages range from including pictures and voice recordings of the subject as well, adding a more personal and unique touch to the end product. Depending on which package people go with, they can receive up to 30 personal interviews with friends and family. With Houk’s use of different resources, these family video documentaries are great for preserving memories of grandparents, wedding videos, and Golden anniversary milestones.

As ancestry searches are becoming more popular, individuals are finding that most ancestry information revolves around simple facts and speculations. Houk offers remembrance videos that allow future generations to get a glimpse of the spark and personality of their ancestors. It focuses on their ambitions, successes, and personality, rather than simple facts.

“I want to help families document their favorite memories in one comprehensive work,” says Houk. “It is something that can be left behind for future generations, allowing them to see more than just the facts about their ancestors.”

Whether people are looking to celebrate an anniversary love story, or capture the life of their great grandparents, The Family Storyteller is a great way to compile all of their favorite memories into one place. With her advanced journalism skills, Houk writes narratives that highlight the legacy and accomplishments of the subjects. For more information about Kimberly Houk or her services, visit the website at