New File Transfer Technology Could Be Better Than Dropbox


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2014 -- Professionals are starting to move away from Dropbox, the popular cloud storage and sharing technology. Why? There are better alternatives on the market that do the job faster, cheaper or even more securely. Access to files anywhere and anytime is becoming more and more important and tech-entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the growing marketplace, driving innovation and better services for all.

Minbox is a file transfer solution that prides itself on the ability to send and receive extremely large files fast and for free. Despite the other large players in the cloud sharing service such as Google Drive, Sky Drive, and Box; Minbox is emerging as a go-to option.

The majority of the cloud sharing companies, including Dropbox have a 2GB limit in terms of file transfer and storage. Minbox saw the frustration amongst many users when they needed to upgrade to a paid version and made their free plan include unlimited file size transfer.

"Minbox is really great. It’s so handy to have something that can just plug into our companies normal daily activities, the Mac app makes it such an easy transition,” said Albert Jones, a technology analyst and startup owner in Arizona.

Jones added how impressed he was with the free plan. Minbox is proving to be serious contender as an alternative to Dropbox and their collaboration feature is one of the reasons why it stands out amongst the rest. It allows multiple users to leave comments or edits to the same document, for free.

"Minbox's real-time collaboration is an incredibly efficient tool, especially for our company. It’s nice to use it without the hassle of two-factor authentication. Plus, we accomplish tasks much faster with Minbox incorporated into our operations," Jones shared.

While comparisons between Dropbox, Minbox and other file transfer solutions are still underway, some users have already reported positive feedback about the ease of use with Minbox. Initial reports revealed that Minbox has a click-and-drag feature in sending files, without having to wait for the file to finish uploading. This allows for faster, simultaneous sending of files for Mac users.

About works for both PC and MAC and does not take up any space on the local drive of the user. Although majority of its features are free, Minbox also ensures user protection by strengthening their privacy and security protocols.