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New Kindle Fire HD Review Reveals Pros and Cons of the Amazon Tablet Computer with Tablet XRay

Positive and negative tech specs of the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 revealed


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2012 -- A recently published review on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD discussed the 10 most popular technical specifications as well as 10 biggest drawbacks of the tablet device. A unique feature of this kindle fire review is that the top 10 features are ordered according to the votes received by readers of Aptly, the review has been named Kindle Fire HD Review Top 10 POSITVE and NEGATIVE Tech Specs of the Kindle Fire 2

According to this review on, the most popular features include the high definition display, the front HD camera and the larger built-in storage capacity. According to the 'negative' features of the Kindle Fire HD that they listed on the lack of a rear camera, the lack of expandable memory and lack of 3G in the 7 inch model of the Kindle Fire are the least popular features of the device.

In addition to the Top 10 and Bottom 10 features of the Kindle Fire HD, the website also has a list of tips and tricks for the Kindle Fire HD. These tips and tricks include things like transferring data wirelessly between the Kindle HD and a PC computer, how to access the front camera, how to transfer photos and videos taken through the camera, how to get 3G to the Kindle Fire HD, how to expand the storage capacity beyond the built-in 32GB etc. etc.

Another popular feature of this review is that they talk about the most popular Kindle Fire Apps which is published on These include a variety of app categories including but not limited to ebooks, entertainment, business, finance, kids, education, cooking, home and family etc. etc. is not just about the Kindle Fire. They also review, compare and contrast other tablet computers such as the Apple iPad, Google Nexus and Nook HD from Barnes and Noble.

Recently they published a press release announcing the launch of their review and it received a considerable amount of reception even being republished on Yahoo news on

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