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New Mobile App, Uppd, Takes Physical Talents to the Virtual World


Lincolnshire, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/21/2014 -- Chicago based startup, Uppd, is pleased to announce it has opened its waitlist for the beta launch of its mobile application. The free app gives anyone the opportunity to compete for sponsored rewards on a global scale, while building a virtual community.

Uppd is an interactive social game that allows users to upload videos and vote in real-time. Users can challenge friends to out-talent themselves, and share via social media to compete for more votes in an attempt to win the virtual gold or tangible rewards. Co-founder Jeremy Abrams says, “Our app helps people take their talents and compete with others in a very organic way. What’s revolutionary, however, is that we’ve upped the competitive set to be global. Anyone can get some friends together and have a competition. We wanted to build a worldwide arena.”

Just like the real world, competitors only have one shot to show their skills. Once they press record, their attempt will automatically be entered into the challenge, no matter the outcome. Cofounder Stefanie Bassler emphasizes, “In a real world competition, you don’t get second chances. We don’t want to allow people to compete with an architected image of their abilities. If you win, it’s because you really have what it takes. It’s like the difference between releasing an edited song on the radio versus a live recording.”

A video demonstration and a waiting list are available for anxious parties at www.getuppd.com, where users can get in line for early access to the closed beta. Waitlisted parties also have the opportunity to jump the line—and get even earlier access—by sharing the app with their friends through email and social media. Lauren Schwartz, an alpha tester, remarks, “Uppd is one of those things that you pull out in a social situation and suddenly everyone is trying to get involved.

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It’s hard to watch someone try really hard to do something and not want to do it better. The best part is when a friend epically fails and can’t take it back. If it happens to be you though, you better be able to laugh it off.”

About Uppd
By combining the growing mobile trends of video, social media and gamification, Uppd offers a new avenue of self-expression and community. The app also gives companies a unique opportunity to interact with customers. Founded in August 2013, Uppd is the brainchild of two young Chicago entrepreneurs. Jeremy Abrams is a student at the Chicago-Kent College of Law with previous startup experience. Stefanie Bassler graduated with her Master’s in Business Innovation from the Cedim Center for Design, and she successfully launched her first company, Palma Pub Crawl, in Mallorca, Spain in 2011.

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