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New Research from Pharma Global Group Shows Promising Daily Nutritional Supplement to Increase Breast Tissue Growth

Pharma Global Group is pleased to announce a promising new supplements as an alternative to expensive breast enhancement surgery. New data suggests that the product is effective in helping firm and increase the size of the breast tissue without risks associated with going under the knife.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/10/2014 -- When you read almost any Breast Actives review, what you will see is that a lot of these women have chosen this natural breast enhancement program over a surgical procedure and have been happy with the results.

Researchers at Pharma Global Group reveal new data to a promising breast enhancement product and is quickly becoming highly recommended.

The all-natural, three-step approach to breast enhancement is the only product of its kind that incorporates a daily nutritional supplement, a breast enhancement cream, and a specific breast enlargement exercise program as a non-surgical solution to breast augmentation procedure.

According to Pharma Global Group, the study showed that Breast Actives is a safe, risk-free method of increasing breast size and firmness, no matter what your current size is. The study included female participants who have had children or older participants who simply want more firmness to the breasts.

"A key step in the Breast Actives program is the daily nutritional supplement that includes a variety of ingredients that have all been proven to help increase breast tissue growth," said Pharma Global Group.

"These include vitamin E, fenugreek seed, fennel seed, dong quai root, and kelp extract. All of these ingredients seem to help to increase fat storage with in the breast tissue so that the breasts are larger and firmer."

The second step in the product is used on a daily basis to help increase blood flow to the breasts, which will help to increase their size and firmness. This cream also helps to prevent stretch marks that can often occur as a result of rapid breast growth.

"It is interesting to take a look at some of the Breast Actives before and after photographs, because they seem to show just how effective this system is for women of all ages and sizes," added the company.

The study also reveals possible side effects to the product and advises that no breast enhancement product should be used by women who have had previous breast health issues or for women who are breast-feeding or are pregnant. Because this is not a hormonally based breast enhancement product, although it is considered to be much safer than alternative products that are being sold online or in some stores.

Reviews of Breast Actives mention how women feel about themselves after using the product.Overall, the majority of users have reported a boosted in their confidence.

The product is only available through Breast Actives official website.

For those who have have always been dissatisfied with the size of their breasts, or looking for more firmness, size, or overall youthfulness, then Breast Actives may be an answer. The unique three-step approach to breast enhancement has been extremely helpful for many women, enabling them to feel more confident, attractive, and feminine.

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