New Reverse Phone Number Lookup Service Helps Identify Potential Fraudulent Calls

Helping people identify the names behind anonymous, unwanted calls, is a new reverse phone number lookup system that provides comprehensive information and phone number reporting.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/14/2012 --, is a new reverse phone number lookup service that aims to help identify callers. As the domain name suggests, the service works as a telephone directory in reverse: which is used by people to find a name behind almost any North American phone number, instead of the other way around.

"We help protect your best interests from fraud reports from telemarketers or text message scams. You can easily find out if there have been any complaints regarding any phone number in question," explained Ben Profar of

Becoming an increasingly important facility, reverse phone number lookup is a different type of search engine that is capable of not only matching a phone number with an owner, but also unveils detailed information of him or her through their huge phone number informational database.

Apart from serving as a reliable information source for anonymous and disturbing calls, also allows for the posting of comments and complaints pertaining to a particular number – for free. Such phone number reports are displayed on the website for everyone to see, so that visitors can see if others have also been victimized by such pranksters or scammers, or if any other kind of complaints have been made regarding the phone number in question.

In order to conduct a reverse phone number lookup on the website within minutes, all a visitor must do is simply enter the 10-digit number in question to get the matching name, address, and other information behind it. also works as an online directory of North American phone numbers that are sorted by area code.

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