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New Social App "Snap Lotto - Meet the World" Now Available on iOS


Brisbane, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/19/2014 -- New social application Snap Lotto - Meet the World is now available for download in the iOS app store and is poised to be the next big craze in social media, as it allows users to effectively meet anyone in the world from the palm of their hand. Snap Lotto co-founder Michael York spoke of the initial response stating, “We just released Snap Lotto on the app store and there were several hundred downloads in just the first day alone. The initial response has been excellent and I anticipate that the popularity will grow quickly as users introduce their friends to the app. We are prepared to handle an enormous worldwide user base and I am beyond excited for users to experience Snap Lotto.”

While other picture sharing applications limit the users to their own circle of contacts, Snap Lotto allows users to connect with other users outside of their social media connections and see the world through the eyes of the world’s population of 7.2 Billion people. “The possibilities that Snap Lotto gives users is endless. Other image sharing apps let you share back and forth with your social connections but that can get quite boring and repetitive. This app allows users to connect with other users in every corner of the world and see it through several sets of eyes. We feel that this unique concept will become very popular,” stated Mr. York.

Users interested in connecting with new people all around the world can download Snap Lotto on iOS immediately from the app store. Snap Lotto has several unique features that allow the users to customize their sharing options. “Images that users send are only temporary, but we allow the user to determine how long they last. Some may want them to disappear quickly while some users may want them to stay visible a bit longer. We also allow users to comment on other users snaps and there must be a response within 24 hours in order to keep the conversation alive. This is a very unique feature that we believe will be very popular,” added Mr. York. Users interested in downloading Snap Lotto can do so by visiting the link below or searching for “Snap Lotto” in the app store.

About Snap Lotto
Snap Lotto is a social app that allows users to connect with other users throughout the world from their phone. This new way of social sharing gives users the ability to share and view snaps with other users all over the world. Snap Lotto allows users to share pictures and determine how long until they expire. The app gives users the ability to reply to snaps and in order to keep the conversation alive the user must respond within 24 hours. Snap Lotto is free to download and users can begin to use the app immediately after downloading it. For more information please visit the apps official website located at