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New Soil Moisture Sensor Tracks Changing Weather, Moisture and pH Level


Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2014 -- A slight change in weather brings about change in the way one eats, the clothes that one wears. This is done mainly to adapt to the climate and thus stay healthy. Similarly, the change in weather affects the soil and also the nutrients it may have. Change in soil, in return affects the growth of plants that are being grown there. Thus, it is important to maintain the quality of soil and its nutrient contents so that it can supply adequate amounts of nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the plant to grow.

Each plant has a different nutrient requirement that a gardener or a farmer must know. It is important to see whether the soil in which it is planted has enough amounts of nutrients needed by the plant. Along with the nutrients, the most important thing that any kind of a plant needs is water. Water when given in adequate amounts helps in the healthy growth of plants. But, the plants are water over their capacity, this might harm them. Thus, using a soil moisture sensor that will not only help in soil water monitoring, but also help one to know the temperature and fertility of the soil, will be a boon for the purpose of gardening and farming.

The Hornet is a device manufactured by the Hornet Central in Australia. This device is said to be the best option that will not only help in soil moisture monitoring, but also helps in maintaining the health of the plant in any climatic conditions. With the change in climate the moisture and nutrient contained in the soil may change accordingly. Identifying this change is very important as it will help maintain the nutrient quantity in soil and also the amount of water it contains.

The Hornet is considered to be a helpful device that helps in carrying out farming and gardening properly without the wastage of water and nutrients. This soil moisture sensor can also be connected to a water irrigation systems where it will send signals to the system stating the amount of water that needs to be supplied and the time for which it has to be supplied. It is now easy to maintain plants and crops in all weather conditions with the help of the hornet.

About The Hornet
The Hornet device used to monitor the Soil moisture, salinity & temperature of the soil.