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New Study from Chiropractors in Salt Lake City Demonstrates the Importance of Alignment for High School Athletes

The Joint…the chiropractic place in Sugar House and Cottonwood Heights recently underwent a year long study where they offered their services to the football team of a local high school; the results exhibited that regular adjustments were critical to injury avoidance.


Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/22/2014 -- Millions of teenagers participate in high school sports every year. Injuries are a common occurrence, but many of these are preventable or their impact lessened with chiropractic care. In a community outreach to show the correlation between Utah chiropractic and injury avoidance, James Adelman, franchise owner ofThe Joint Sugar House and The Joint Cottonwood Heights, created a study to evaluateinjury rates of the varsity football players at Highland High School. During the 2012 season, his doctors performed weekly foot and ankle adjustments on the athletes. The results were astounding, cutting the rate of overall injury by 85%.

Overuse or non-contact injuries can occur over time, when a certain movement or activity wears continuously on that particular muscle, tendon, or joint. The Joint chiropractors in Salt Lake City evaluated the most common movements that occurred during physical activity; among them the dorsiflexion that primarily occurs at the talocrural joint— this is the movement of the toes upward towards the shin). Another common appearance was the dysfunction at the subtalar joint, which plays a major role in heel inversion and eversion. Performing chiropractic care on these particular joints for the players resulted in an increased range and quality of motion, providing pain relief and injury prevention through Utah chiropractic.

Upon completion of the study, the 2012 Highland team reported no non-contact injuries at season end— a 100% decrease from years prior. While they had ten lower extremity injuries in 2011, the team reported only five after the 2012 season, a 50% reduction. This 85% decrease in overall injuries is a testament that regular adjustments play a critical role in injury avoidance. The Joint Salt Lake City chiropractors assist in balance and symmetry of human biomechanics.

In addition to reduced recovery times, thee football players at Highland claimed to experience increased levels of stamina and endurance, improving the quality of their game. With chiropractic for prevention and pain relief in Utah, Highland overall performed better during their season of receiving Utah chiropractic care.

“Throughout their growth, it is imperative kids are adjusted regularly to correct simple things like hip, knee and ankle misalignments,” says Adelman.”

As part of their community outreach, Adelman hopes to help more teams throughout the valley with The Joint chiropractic Sugar House and Cottonwood Heights. For more information, visit their website at