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New Unique 21st Century Hygiene Sanitization Products Set to Revolutionise Hygiene Industry Says Hygiene Worldwide

Hospital Superbugs look likely to be a thing of the past thanks to a new long lasting disinfectant designed, tested and manufactured in the United Kingdom.


London, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2012 -- Hospital Superbugs look likely to be a thing of the past thanks to a new long lasting disinfectant designed, tested and manufactured in the United Kingdom. The Genie Miracle™ sanitization range has been proven and tested to be a revelation in killing prominent superbugs that are currently circulating the world with devastating effects.

The Genie Miracle™ range of high performance disinfectants and sanitizers all contain EnviroCair as the active ingredient, which is manufactured in the United Kingdom by Biotech International Ltd. Hygiene Worldwide is an authorised distributor of Biotech International Ltd.

Hygiene Worldwide are proud to present Genie Miracle™ Range.

Unlike conventional sanitizers and disinfectants that have limited or no residual pathogen destruction properties, the Genie Miracle™ range continues to destroy all manner of viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and mould borne diseases for up to 14 days after just one application on surfaces and up to 8 hours on hands.

Genie Miracle is suitable for use in human healthcare, animal husbandry, equine and poultry environments where the spread of infections from human to animal or animal to human needs to be controlled.

As well as the standard trigger spray, wiping or mopping applications used in disease control routines, to ensure maximum coverage Hygiene Worldwide who own Genie Miracle Range ™ have also pioneered two methods of dissemination with its Genie Air ™ Diffuser and fogging systems. The Genie Room Air Diffuser is designed to treat the air we breathe and the surfaces on which it settles and can also be used in air conditioning systems.

Genie Miracle™ range helps to prevent the spread of diseases, viruses, bacteria, influenzas, germs and pathogens. Genie Miracle™ range is possibly now the most accredited disinfectant sanitizer on the market having been extensively tested at NHS hospitals in the United Kingdom and leading accredited European laboratories.

Along with its excellent superior disease control properties what really makes Genie Miracle™ stand out is that it's harmless, alcohol-free, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-hazardous and non-toxic and yet it is still the most powerful disinfectant and sanitizer on the planet.

The Genie Miracle™ formula revolutionises the world's standards of cleanliness

Genie Miracle Range™ Operating a unique patented technology and the introduction of new powerful key ingredients, makes it more effective longer lasting and safer than any other product in the world. It is effective within seconds against up to 99.999999% of diseases, viruses, bacteria, influenzas’, germs and pathogens, including MRSA, rotavirus, Norovirus, H1N1 bird flu, H5N1 swine flu, HIV/Aids, herpes, hepatitis, polio, TB, E.Coli, C.diff spores, salmonella, E.coli, legionella, and many others.

Hygiene Worldwide Product Development Director Matt Sutherland commented “We are proud to introduce Genie Miracle Range™ a new generation of disinfectants and hand sanitizers which attacks both viruses and bacteria and continue to work for up to 14 days from a single application on surfaces and 8 hours on hands, that’s what make these a total revolutionary product in the arena of hygiene”

He added “The impact on the global hygiene sanitization market will be extensive and we are looking at establishing relationships with current major industry leaders from around the world as we believe this is a product for everyone to use in the public and private sectors”

Hygiene Worldwide in conjunction with Biotech International Ltd are currently finalising a landmark agreement with the Tunisian Government which will place Tunisia’s public health service at the ‘cutting edge’ of public hygiene standards worldwide, spearheading something of a ‘hygiene revolution’ and negotiations are on-going with various other countries including Kuwait.