New What's a Good Credit Score Site Provides Informative Articles and Tips About Credit Scores and Improving Them

The What's A Good Credit Score site at Whatsa-GoodCreditScore.com is now live. Readers can learn about what good credit score ranges are and how to get there.


Riverside, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2012 -- The Whats a Good Credit Score?? site at www.whatsa-goodcreditscore.com has been launched. By visiting the site, readers can learn a lot about credit scores - what they how, what they measure, what's a good credit score range and this is important.

Most people learn about the relevance and importance of credit scores only after graduating from high school, when they start dealing with things that are related to credit, such as credit cards, applying for apartment rentals, and make bigger purchases that require loans, such as houses or cars. A lot of information and facts is gathered up over time through real life experience over time. The site promises to help their readers jump start this learning curve by providing informative articles that are easy to read and digest.

According to a company statement, the whatsa-goodcreditscore.com site has been started as a one-stop resource for people who like to learn more about credit scores, what they mean and how it could impact them. The basic idea of a credit score being a 3 digit number that measures the credit worthiness of a person is simple.

However, understanding what scores are considered good, what factors can affect one's credit rating, and how to improve one's score is often less clear. The website has articles that go over what good credit score ranges are, and their implications for securing a loan for a home, a car or a credit card. Most important are the facts that having a good credit score will allow applicants to have a higher chance of getting approved on their mortgage or loan applications, and receive prime rates for their loans.

According to the website, an excellent credit score range is from 760 to 850. Any FICO score 720 or above is often considered good and above average. What this could mean for people with such credit score ratings is that they will likely fulfill any finance company's credit score criteria when it comes to qualifying for loans or autos. The site also goes into greater detail on credit scores specific to certain purchases, such as for buying a house, here:


The site encourages all readers to aim for improving their credit scores. Accordingly, there will be articles providing tips on how to legitimately increase one's credit score. For readers with bad credit in the FICO score 300 to 600 range, improving their credit score to 720 and above can be a big boost to getting the home or loan that they want and need. But, according to the site, even people with above average credit scores can benefit from paying attention to and further improving their already great credit scores.

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The Whatsa-GoodCreditScore.com site is an online resource dedicated to providing informative and easy to understand articles that relate to credit scores and reporting. On this site, readers can find tips and guidance on what's a good credit score, why it is important, and steps they can take to improve their credit scores. The site also explains credit scores as they relate to specific kinds of loans, such as for buying a car. Interested readers can read up on this here: