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NightWave - Important Information About This Sleep Assistant


Walpole, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2013 -- The popularity of NightWave sleep assistant has seen a steep rise in the recent past and Coherence resources experienced record sales in the past two months. If experts are to be believed, the ability of the device to help people sleep better by guiding in pre sleep relaxation is the major reason behind the same.

When contacted, Ryan from NightWave said, “We have seen a positive growth in demand of the product in recent past. People are getting benefited from the same without getting any kind of side effects. Hope to keep helping people in sleeping better in the times to come as well.”

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According to the sources, the product consists of a light that ebbs and flows gently for the user to inhale and exhale in accordance with the same. The frequency slows with time thereby relaxing the person resulting in sound sleep. When contacted, Mike, an expert of the field said, “What sets Night Wave apart from other similar offerings as well as prescribed drugs is the fact that it has a number of different advantages related to it.

The very first thing you would notice is that since you are not consuming any medicine, there cannot be any kind of side effects. In addition, you save a lot of money as by purchasing the product once, you can get years of sleep.” He further added, “The fact that I liked the most is that it does not cause any kind of sound and the blue light is soft on eyes. This simply means that those who are not actually using it would not be disturbed in any way.”

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Sources confirmed that the product is also available in a travel version for frequent travelers and comes with a special casing as well as battery that operate the same. When contacted, Dr. Gordon Cameron from Royal College of General Practitioners said, “I’ve had several of my patients use the Night Wave Sleep Assistant machine and without exception, they’ve had great results. Best of all – it’s very inexpensive – and very portable.” Devra Jacobs, a renowned magazine editor added, “I was totally amazed with the results of this product.

I had been taking sleep-aid medications for five years. Within three days of using NightWave, without any pills and within three minutes, I was sound asleep. I was so delighted when after two weeks I no longer needed NightWave. I have gifted this to my parents and am hearing the same thing from them.”

About Coherence Resources Inc.
Coherence resources is a Portland OR based company that manufactures products that aids in relaxation by breathing. Their popular offerings include NightWave and Day Wave.

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