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Star, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/20/2012 -- Finally after a hundred years, the suppressed free energy device is exposed in public. People will be taught on how to utilize this hundred-year old device to produce electricity for free. The fact is that people can now discover using energy that is 100 percent free at their home through this device invented. The revelation about this device also unveils other benefits that it can offer.

The free energy device is invented to let the consumers become aware that there is another possible way to solve electrical consumption problems. By simply using this device, people can save maximum energy without the requirement of gas, coal, oil or any other fuel. After a hundred years, the energy device is prepared to pave way to new concepts and ideas about energy saving.

This free energy device is invented by a genius named Nikola Tesla, the one who discovered the electricity which people are using today. In 1934, Tesla had stated a shocking statement that electric power can be everywhere and it is available in limitless quantities. It can power the world’s machinery without using gas, oil, coal or any other types of fuel.

According to Nikola Tesla, people can possibly get unlimited amounts of energy for free whenever they want. Through the announcement he made, many people got more curious and interested in finding the real essence of using this free energy device. The exposure of this device is also a way to recognize the efforts and thoughts made by Tesla for so many years.

The suppressed free energy device that is now exposed is amazingly useful for every individual on earth. Through other people’s analysis of Tesla’s papers, new conclusions were made and it opened the door to opportunities to recognize his inventions especially the free energy device. Tesla explained how the free energy device works and how people obtain free electricity.

Some people who have already encountered this free energy device stated their personal views and below are some of their testimonials:

"The first time I heard about the unreleased project of Nikola Tesla I was really interested in knowing more. At first I thought it was just a scam. How could electricity be free and how could this machine generate electricity by itself? Anyway, given that it was so cheap I tried it, and it worked! I built a bigger generator that cost me less than $100, and the effort paid off really well. Now I have my own source of free energy." – Mike John

"Nikola Tesla Secret is revolutionary. I became instantly intrigued and decided to give it a try (given that it carried a money back guarantee) Now, whenever I look at my electric bill, I cannot take the smile off my face! My electricity bill comes in the form of a credit – the power company is paying me for the extra electricity that I sell them." – Tom Victor of Texas, United States.

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