Edison NJ Homeowners Ask Area Politicians for Help in Cell Tower Dispute


Edison, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2014 -- Homeowners in Edison New Jersey are angry and frustrated over a proposed cell tower that Verizon Wireless is hoping to build in a residential neighborhood in the Central Jersey community. There are a number of issues at stake in the battle but the biggest issue is property values. When cell towers are built next to residential properties, the value of the nearby homes usually falls, and often significantly. The cell tower in question is proposed to be located on a small commercial property that borders residential properties on three sides, but which would be visible from residential properties on all four sides. Click here for details

In addition to the anger over the proposed cell tower, some homeowners are expressing frustration over their inability to get any response from local political representatives on the matter. The folks behind the group have repeatedly reached out to politicians representing the area throughout February and thus far have received no response. So, the organization has posted Open Letters to each of the local representatives on asking for their help.

The political representatives for the area are:

State Senator Peter Barnes representing Edison Township as part of the 18th NJ Legislative District.

Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan also representing Edison as part of NJ Legislative District 18.

NJ State Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin of Legislative District 18.

U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone representing New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District, which includes Edison.

One Knapp Avenue homeowner said, “The decision to approve or deny the Verizon Wireless application rests with Edison Zoning Board. They are good people and we hope they will make the right decision and vote to deny the application. But in the meantime, it would certainly help if the political leaders representing Edison would reach out to Verizon Wireless to encourage them to seek a location not in Festival Plaza and away from residential properties.”

He added that, “A big part of the problem is that even if the Edison Zoning Board denies the application for a variance, Verizon Wireless will appeal on the State level and probably get exactly what they want. So, the only certain way to stop the cell tower is for Verizon Wireless to withdraw their application and the only reason Verizon would consider doing that is if our area political representatives ask them to. That is why it is critical for the political representatives for this area get involved on behalf of Edison homeowners."

The spokesperson said, “We know the elected representatives cannot tell the Edison Zoning Board what to do, or for that matter tell Verizon what to do. But, we hope they will at least voice support for homeowners and try to help. This is, after all, what political representatives exist for… to represent the interests of the citizens. We are simply asking our politicians to do what they say they will do when they are running for office and asking for votes, which is to be there to help the citizens when needed.”

He further stated, “These homes are peoples nest eggs. The homes near the proposed tower often represent a major portion of the net worth of the homeowners in the area, in contrast to large commercial investors like Mr. McCarthy from Beverly Hills. I can’t overstate how unfair it would be to local homeowners in the area to be financially hurt while a Beverly Hills investor with no ties to the community cashes in.”

The owner of the Festival Plaza Shopping Center is Michael McCarthy who is a successful shopping center investor from Beverly Hills, California. Verizon Wireless is part of, or soon will be part of Verizon Communications, a company worth over $130 Billion. The Knapp Avenue property owner said, “it would be a slap in the face to local property owners if these two parties are allowed to increase their profits at the direct expense of local homeowners, who will see their property values drop if this cell tower goes up.”

The next hearing on the matter by the Edison Township Zoning Board is scheduled for April 22, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Edison Municipal Building located at 100 Municipal Boulevard in Edison. The public can attend and present any objections to the Verizon Wireless application.

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