No Excuses Summit 5: The REAL Truth Exposed

Introducing a great way for internet-based marketers and entrepreneurs to build an endless supply of sales funnels, attract more traffic and receive solid marketing leads in less than 24 hours. Amazingly, today's announcement will surprise everyone, because there's no experience or no website required to benefit from this "secret process"!


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2014 -- Research shows that for every 10 internet-based marketing businesses that make it big, there are an equal (or perhaps even slightly larger) number that fail to even get off the ground. Most of these entrepreneurs start off right. They have a great business plan. They have a credible business model. They've got talent and a good mix of products and services to offer. But they still fail!

Sadly, the reasons for that happening are all too familiar:
- No proper marketing funnels are in place
- There's just not enough traffic attracted to the business
- These businesses don't have processes in place to continually generate leads

There's really no excuse whatsoever for failure! And today's Press Release has some good news to announce: ALL of these trends can not only be stopped in their tracks, but they can be reversed to make multi-million dollar successes out of losing businesses. And the secret that's being shared with the world through today's announcement is very aptly called No Excuses Summit 5 (NES 5) - a summit of private workshops that helps individual participants learn the secrets of receiving targeted traffic and generating solid leads for their business by:
- Learning exactly how to create and implement funneling strategies
- Recognizing the importance of lead generation and how to capture essential leads
- Listening and learning from successful individuals and businesses who faced the same challenges but uses the "No Excuses" secret process to triumph
- Getting an opportunity to mix and mingle with like-minded fellow participants with the objective of building long-lasting business networks

The objective of "No Excuses Summit 5", scheduled to run from June 27 - 29th in Las Vegas, is simple: It's about showing ordinary business-minded individuals the exact process they need to follow in order to ensure they have a continuous stream of sales leads in order to convert those leads into a continuous stream of revenue.

In the words of Ferny Ceballos, co-host and organizer of No Excuses Summit 5: "... the first half of the event will all be about building your funnel and starting your traffic campaigns immediately, so that by Saturday night, you could be generating your first leads from Facebook and PPV!"

It's that straight forward!

But today's announcement is more than just about sharing lead-generation secrets. A study of successful entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) reveals that peer-to-peer networking is a great way to share information, collaborate on joint ventures and resolve many potential challenges to a business's success. There's no better substitute to networking to accomplish that.

No Excuses 5 offers participants a great opportunity to network with peers from their industry and with other internet marketers. By the time the summit is over, each participant ends up making a host of new contacts that they can then leverage later on to engineer their own success.

And while this Press Release shed light on great learning and networking opportunities offered at the event, it is also meant to make participants aware of the fact that they will be exposed to real life success stories too. Research has shown conclusively that the best learning tool is to show proof of success. When participants hear first hand from past attendees of No Excuses Summit how the learning was put into practice to achieve success, there will be NO EXCUSE for doing so themselves. And that's a key takeaway from today's announcement!

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About The Author: Ferny Ceballos
Ferny Ceballos, MIT and USC graduate and successful career engineer turned businessman is also a veteran internet marketer, seasoned trainer and a successful entrepreneur in his own right. Ceballos is credited for introducing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a credible way for internet marketers to get visibility head-above-shoulders over their competition on search engines across the internet.

Internet marketing consultant to multi-million dollar companies like Magnetic Sponsoring, PRO U, BetterNetworker.com, The Elevation Group, RichDad.com, Ceballos is still passionate about helping ordinary business-minded individuals find the same success that his giant corporate clients enjoy. The No Excuses 5 Summit is a step in that direction. Even though Ceballos and his partners enjoy an enviable 10%+ success rate, with attendees at "No Excuses" making it BIG as a result of their training, they are determined to make that rate grow even higher.