NorthStar SEO, LLC Sees Explosive Growth in Requests for Their Free SEO Analysis Service

FREE SEO Analysis Service Has Become Popular Amoungst Small Business Owners


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/22/2012 -- was launched in January of this year and one of the unique services they are offering is a free SEO analysis report for small businesses. Co-founded by internet marketing professionals Travis Van Slooten and James Dreesen, NorthStar SEO was established to provide affordable local SEO services to small businesses who have little or no knowledge of building their web presence.

Now just two months since its start, the Minneapolis-based company is seeing a dramatic rise in the number of requests they are getting for their free SEO analysis service, a development that the partners attribute to their own website rankings (the site now ranks high for the search "seo analysis"), as well as to the online marketing strategies they are using.

"We only got a trickle of requests when we first started, but since February, the requests have just flooded in," said Travis. “It's clear that more small businesses are realizing the value of SEO and having a strong online presence."

With most businesses going online, NorthStar SEO acknowledges that there are a lot of other SEO companies out there, most of which are also providing a free SEO report or a similar free quote for web entrepreneurs. But with the tremendous response they have been getting from small business owners, Travis and James are confident that the analysis reports they are giving out are among the most insightful and helpful.

The partners say they spend about 1 to 2 hours for each website SEO analysis and while the assessment made is indepth and detailed, the final report furnished to the requesting business is straightforward and simple. According to them, too much or too complex information can overwhelm small businesses.

"I think the best thing I've heard from people is that we make the complex world of online marketing and SEO simple," James said. "Our reports are simple enough and provide enough information that businesses can start some of the SEO strategies we highlight immediately."

NorthStar SEO maintains that the difference in their free SEO analysis service is that they treat each requesting business owner as if he is already a client. The concrete information included in their SEO report is so useful that a business could literally implement what is given to him and see results in time.

"We've seen the free analysis from our competitors and they tend to be more generic in nature, and therefore not useful at all," Travis said.

The analysis NorthStar SEO offers on the other hand, can already serve as a roadmap that can help business owners navigate their way to online success.

But won't that hurt their business? NorthStar SEO says not.

"Many say that because we already show potential clients exactly what to do, they won't need to hire us," said James. "But the reality is, most businesses don't have the time or the interest to deal with this stuff."

"When they see how helpful we are when they aren't even a client yet, they know we're different and they would want to do business with us," adds Travis.

About NorthStar SEO, LLC
NorthStar SEO services start as low as $399/month. For more information about the company and its services, visit or contact them at 612-326-3994.

For more information about NorthStar's FREE SEO Analysis Report, visit or contact them at 612-326-3994.