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Novels Set in New Orleans: New Book 14 Notches Now Available on Amazon

Tyronne Jacques latest novel 14 Notches is set in New Orleans with scenes that Hollywood is sure to love. The New Orleans based Novel was released this week by Raegan Publishing and is now available on


New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/10/2014 -- Raegan Publishing has just announced the release of their latest novel set in New Orleans, and the early reviews have been impressive. Author Tyronne Jacques takes readers on a journey through the French Quarters to the Lower 9th Ward in a suspense thriller that spans from 1838 to present day. The book 14 Notches also takes readers inside the Slave and Slave Master living arrangement that existed in the homes located in the French Quarters during Slavery.

Author Tyronne Jacques says readers who enjoy novels that incorporate real history into the pages will absolutely love 14 Notches.

“I love the history of New Orleans and wanted to share that history in my latest novel. There are unique relationships that developed between Slaves and their Masters in New Orleans that many people are unaware of, and in this book my goal was to tell a perspective that could possible change the typical narrative of abuse regarding Slavery.”

Acclaim Author Tyronne Jacques goes on to say that 14 Notches goes against the grain of traditional books regarding slavery because it show the love and compassion that once existed despite the depravity of bondage. For more information on 14 Notches please visit

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