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Now Galapagos Birds Get Relief from Blood Sucking Flies in Galapagos Island

The Galapagos Island is a home to the most famous finding of Charles Darwin, known as the Darwin’s Finches. There are about 13 different species that now exist in different parts of these islands.


Quito, Ecuador -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2014 -- These birds are among the famous tourist attractions that one would want to see while on a Galapagos Island Tour. It was found that the 13 species of these Darwin’s Finches were endangered by a different kind of fly that sucked blood from these birds. These are recently discovered flies and hence it was a tough job to find an appropriate solution to eliminate these flies.

The parasitic flies were found to lay eggs on the nests of the Darwin’s Finches. These eggs would hatch and the larvae would feed on the blood of the little baby Finches or on that of the mother. This is found to be a serious problem as it has affected two species of these finches very badly. The flies have been killing a number of nestlings of these birds, thus, disallowing them to multiply.

Scientists have recently come up with a solution that may give relief from these parasitic flies. They thought of making use of a pesticide named permathrin that was used to treat lice in people’s hair. They added a few drops of this pesticide to cotton balls and placed them on an area close to where the Finches where building their nests. The Finches picked pieces of cotton and used them to make the nest. The permathrin on the cotton succeeded in killing the larvae at an early stage which then helped in saving the nestlings and the mother.

In a study that was carried on in Santa Cruz, the scientists placed these treated balls of cotton on a mesh that was tied close to where the Finches were building their nests. 4 species of Finches were found using these pieces of cotton like they used the normal untreated ones. Although this did not eliminate all the maggots present in the nest, they succeeded in eliminating most of it.

This study can be thus used as a ray of hope that there are methods that can help eliminate the maggots completely. Knowing the importance of these birds in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, scientists have started focusing on discovering better methods to save them. Thus, it can be said that soon the Darwin’s Finches, the most popular bird in Galapagos will get relief from these Blood Sucking Flies.

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