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Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/04/2012 -- Nuratrim is a natural food supplement designed to help those people who want to shed off their excess weight by suppressing the appetite of the person, thus compelling him or her to eat less which will result in weight loss.

This supplement can assist all women and men who are looking for an effective way to control their appetite and lose excess weight. Breastfeeding moms and pregnant women are not advised to take this food supplement and the same applies to those under 16 years of age.

Nuratrim uses natural ingredients which are known to help lose weight by reducing appetite, burning fat and increasing metabolism. Clinical results proved that this food supplement enhanced metabolic rate by 35%, burned additional 20% of body fat and reduced appetite by 78%. Nuratrim has an exclusive formula that not only tries to suppress the appetite and cut down the calorie intake of a person by 20%, but the unique blend of pure ingredients naturally improves the body’s metabolism by imitating the effects of physical activities which results to burning of more fats. Glucomannan Konjac, its key ingredient works by swelling the inside of a person’s tummy, which will in turn cause him or her to feel full. This will prevent the person from overeating and eventually achieve his or her weight loss goal.

Nuratrim also contains Green Coffee and Licorice Extract, which help increase the metabolic rate of the dieters and reduce their body fat and mass. No side effects have been reported about this food supplement as it is made from natural ingredients, which reduces the risk of harmful or serious complications. The recommended dosage for Nuratrim is 1 capsule every day. If the dieter missed a dose, he or she should just let it be and go on with the next dose. Overdosing might induce side effects like fever or upset stomach.

Those who have tried Nuratrim are impressed with the results provided by the product. This food supplement can be purchased online, so interested individuals who want to shed off their excess weight can buy Nuratrim anytime they want and anywhere they are.

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