NYC Mesothelioma Victims Get New Resource Center

A new website provides New Yorker mesothelioma patients with free resources and local asbestos news.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2012 -- Even though asbestos has been banned in the United States for over two decades, the consequences of the hazardous substance’s wide-spread usage are just now affecting many individuals. A new website,, has been launched to address the concerns of New Yorkers diagnosed with the asbestos cancer mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma has received a lot of attention from the media and advocacy groups. Yet, is one of the few resource centers which specifically addresses issues affecting mesothelioma victims in the New York area. Weekly articles discuss all aspects of the disease, from the companies who are guilty of exposing people to asbestos to resources for patients and their caregivers.

According to one of the asbestos experts at the website, “People who have been exposed to asbestos are victims of industry greed. Just because they are victims though, it doesn’t mean they are powerless. We have seen justice in the many lawsuits against asbestos companies.”

As far as lawsuits go, New Yorkers are particularly tough against asbestos companies. reports that New Yorkers receive an average mesothelioma compensation of $1.97 million, which is higher than in most other states. Not all asbestos-exposure victims in New York are getting the compensation they deserve though. In the aftermath of 9/11, thousands of people were exposed to hazardous materials like asbestos yet the government is not willing to step up and pay for their cancer treatment. Many of the articles will focus on 9/11 and the recourse available for people exposed to asbestos on that day.

“We wish that this website wasn’t necessary, but the sad truth is that mesothelioma is not a thing of the past. Asbestos is still being mined and manufactured in places as nearby as Canada. Until asbestos diseases are eradicated, we are going to help victims by providing them with information they need to battle mesothelioma.”

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