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NYC's Central Park a Haunted Enchanted Forest?

Could the moonlight shinning down upon NYC's Central Park's wooded trails and darkened fields awaken its slumbering ghostly inhabitants this summer? Maybe so, says New York's own Ghost Doctors!


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2014 -- Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides aka the “Ghost Doctors” have found some strange and ghostly goings-on as the sun sets within the 843 acre spirited forest known as NYC's Central Park.

This summer the Ghost Doctors are taking groups of adventurous amateur ghost hunters on real ghostly hunting expeditions through the winding paths and darkened lawns of NYC's Central Park. Utilizing all sorts of ghost hunting equipment -- like something out of a paranormal feature film -- they'll prowl NYC's most iconic park during the evening hours for signs of paranormal activity.

“We've been exploring NYC's Central Park for some time and have encountered some twilight eclipsing signs of paranormal activity especially from some of its most historic locations,” says Dr. Stew. “In fact every time we go out on a ghost hunt we never know what we will encounter and that's what makes it exciting and eerie at the same time.”

Moreover as the Ghost Doctors venture into the twilight (not the Twilight Saga) in their quest to unearth the spirits that walk the multitude of trails and paths that crisscross New York's Central Park it creates a sense of enchantment among their ghost hunting participants.

“NYC's Central Park is an amazing place in daylight, but during nightfall it takes on a entirely new no longer seems like New York but some surreal wooded haunted forest,” says Dr. Stew.

So this summer as you're sitting at home, quietly watching your favorite paranormal flicks, just know that deep within the dusky corners of NYC's Central Park are a band of hunters -- ghost hunters experiencing one heck of a real paranormal adventure.

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