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NYC's Paleo Food Tours Goes Back to the Ice Age

It may be hot outside but NYC's Paleo Food Tours is the coolest primal action in New York!


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2014 -- As temperatures heat up the summer, NYC's newest, coolest and most prehistoric food tour –Paleo Food Tours takes a giant leap back in time to the cool ice age. And where can today's modern caveman and cavewoman find the biggest, coolest and most iconic cave in the world? NYC's Grand Central Terminal of course –- the setting for Paleo Food Tours' unparalleled primal food adventure where the 21st century meets our paleolithic past.

According to Paleo Food Tours' own Dr. Pete & Dr. Stew, licensed NYC tour guides aka the Comical Nutritional Aficionados -- the conductors of this underground paleo food adventure says that even the sweltering hot temperatures outside can't stop this interactive and totally unique paleo food tour from chilling up the action as it rolls into New York's Grand Central Terminal.

“Grand Central has been a gateway for hundreds of millions of people over the last century and this iconic landmark not only retains its past glory it also has added something to its splendor – Paleo food!” says Dr. Stew. “In fact, Grand Central Terminal is almost like being in an underground city complete with shops, food outlets and a heck of a lot of amazing history. And during the summer its temperature adjusted environment makes it one tasty primal way to get out of the heat and into some cool paleo action.”

Moreover Paleo Food Tours has unleashed the power of audio visual technology as it explores mans climb through our paleolithic past. This tour also sheds light on a whole variety of paleo foods and their outstanding nutritional benefits in a multisensory experience of taste, sight and sound.

“When you can show people how our ancient ancestors for over 2 million years were unrestrained by civilization...hunting for their food and foraging their environment for what nature supplied -- it's definitely a real eye opening experience and really makes our modern paleo cuisine taste that much more caveman-ish,” says Dr. Pete.

Furthermore Paleo Food Tours' groups of primal food loving adventurers will not only discover a wide array of tasty paleo delights but will also unearth the hidden prehistoric past of Grand Central Terminal that this tour unravels equally as well.

“Grand Central has been around for over 100 years and its enduring history is written in the very rooms, hallways and platforms of this amazing Terminal,” says Dr. Stew.

So join Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew of Pale Food Tours on a tasteful paleo trek through the spectacular concourses, halls and passageways of Grand Central all the while discovering a myriad of secrets of one the worlds greatest train terminals!

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Paleo Food Tours ( is New York's only paleo prehistoric interactive food tour that allows participants to eat like a caveman in New York's 21st century. Their food tours are open to public private and corporate events.