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NYC's Paleo Food Tours Takes a Prehistoric Bite out of the Big Apple

When it comes to apples no place beats New York...after all it is the “Big Apple.” And it seems that this modern day prehistoric food tour -- Paleo Food Tours -- is now the apple of New York's eye!


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2014 -- Apples to apples Paleo Food Tours NYC is New York's premier, most interactive and juiciest primal food tour to ever hit the city. Led by Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew licensed NYC tour guides aka the Comical Nutritional Aficionados whose food tours are unlike any other in this amazing's almost like comparing apples to oranges.

“During our Paleo Food Tours we not only like to unravel some of the nutritional benefits of a whole variety of paleo foods we also like to delve into their historic origins as well,” says Dr. Stew. “For example fruits have been a major part of our ancient ancestors diets for millions of years. And when we take a bite out of one of our most beloved fruits...the apple, it's amazing to discover that for thousands of years civilizations have been enjoying this amazing fruit as well.”

In fact according to Paleo Food Tours, throughout recorded time apples have been grown and harvested even as far back as the ancient Egyptians. They have continuously sailed through time from the rise of the Roman Empire to eventually landing upon the shores of America making the apple as American as...Apple Pie.

Moreover if seeing is believing then Paleo Food Tours has taken food tours to a new dimension when it comes to shedding light on a wide variety of paleo foods -- including of course the apple.

By utilizing audio visual technology New York's Paleo Food Tours is taking modern day cavemen and cavewomen on an adventure back through time where they'll be able to actually see, hear and taste their way through the millenniums all within NYC's most famous cave -- Grand Central Terminal. Moreover this prehistoric food tours has combined the amazing history of this timeless mecca of transportation and it various food establishments with the origins and nutritional benefits of some very tasty paleo foods.

“When you can show people the history and evolution of some of their favorite paleo dishes especially in a multisensory fashion it almost makes these foods seem bigger than life. So when it comes to one of our most treasured fruits the apple...which has been around for thousands of years, it definitely becomes a caveman's bout them apples?,” says Dr. Pete.

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Paleo Food Tours ( is New York's only paleo prehistoric interactive food tour that allows participants to eat like a caveman in New York's 21st century. Their food tours are open to public private and corporate events.