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NYU Film Student and Indie Film Director Endeavors to Raise $16,800 in 16 Days to Give Her Dying Mom Her Dream of a Lifetime


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/23/2014 --NYU film student and Los Angeles indie film director Heather Ferreira, has launched a Kickstarter program to help raise $16,800 in 16 days. Why? To give her dying mother Carolyn McCoy a gift. Though dying of breast cancer McCoy remains an avid fan of the hit 1970’s TV detective series Columbo. To honor her mother’s love of the show, Ferreira is directing the pilot for a new web series inspired by Columbo. It’s a final gift for her mother but now, both women are running out of time.

Informed July 13 by oncologists her mother’s cancer is now in its final stages, Ferreira has announced a crowdfunding campaign to support the completion of the web series, Movieopolis. The series takes a unique look at life in 1970’s Hollywood through the eyes of two of its most iconic figures.

The series will follow Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese as young men struggling to make their mark in a tough industry. The twist of the series comes with the pair serving as heroes as sorts, working to solve rather Columbo-like crimes in between shooting some of their most famous films.

"I'm a huge fan of both Coppola and Scorsese.” says Ferreira. "Along with Hitchcock and Kubrick, they inspired me to become a director myself, and still inspire me today. I see them as American cinema's biggest heroes.” said Ferreira. “I would really appreciate help from the crowdfunding community to help bring this dream alive. It’s important for many reasons.”

Ferreira has brought the project to the attention of the directors, their attorneys, and estates, who have not raised any objections to the series. While she is anxious to finish the project so she can send screeners to her idols, finishing it in time to show her mother is the real, most pressing motivation.

The web series will star newcomers Jack Lamb and Bear Manescalchi as Coppola and Scorsese, respectively, and is slated for a fall premiere on Vimeo in hopes of network pickup. The kickstarter campaign launched July 18th, 2014 to ensure the project can be completed and production goals can be met. For more information on the campaign, its perks, and the movie, please see the Facebook page.

About Heather Ferreira
Heather Ferreira is an LA-based student of NYU’s film department and a life-long fan of the iconic directors she portrays in her new web series, Movieopolis. She has worked in film since the 1980s and studied under cinematographers Peter Salim and Michael “Chappy” Chapman, two men who got their start working with the very directors she seeks to introduce to a new generation.

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