Online Marketers Spreading Themselves Too Thin: New Website Gives Strategic Advice for Increasing ROI

Many businesses are using online marketing without a clear strategy. A new website aims to help small online and offline businesses succeed in online marketing by providing free strategic advice.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2012 -- Over the past decade, internet usage has increased to the point where it has dominated other forms of media and entertainment. It is no surprise that all major businesses, such as Coca Cola and Old Navy, have diverted a significant amount of their marketing budgets to online marketing. Yet, it is small businesses who can capitalize on internet marketing the most.

Compared to other forms of marketing, online marketing can be implemented very cheaply, such as with social media campaigns. Online marketing also has the benefit of being very measurable so small business owners can determine the ROI for their efforts and better manage marketing budgets.

“There is no doubt that online marketing is a necessity for small business, online and off,” said a marketing expert from the website, “But online marketing is such a vast, rapidly-changing field that business owners often spread themselves too thin. They just blindly jump into some method without having a clear strategy and plan.”

Business owners “spread themselves too thin” in online marketing by launching multiple campaigns at once, such as social media, article marketing, and SEO. The experts at say that all of these methods can and should be used together. However, the efforts will be in vain if marketers don’t strategize how each campaign will work in tandem with the others.

“It is better to invest in one online marketing method and do it right than jump into a slew of sloppy campaigns just because they are cheap and easy. We hope that our advice will help marketers streamline their efforts so they get better results.”

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About was launched with the specific goal of helping small businesses, both online and offline, increase their ROI through online marketing tactics.