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ORD Solutions Launches Second Kickstarter and Successfully Funds on Second Day


Cambridge, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2014 -- On June 23, ORD Solutions launched a 35 day Kickstarter campaign for their latest 3D printer, the RoVa3D. On June 25, they passed their funding goal of $25,000. As of today, they have reached the $50,000 funding level, with still 26 days to go.

Based on their ground breaking MH3000R1, the RoVa3D includes up to 5 print heads for multi-material/multi-color printing, and these other features:

- aerospace alloy frame for ultimate rigidity and long life
- 5 distinct print nozzles, each with their own Bowden style extruder
- all metal hot ends capable of printing at temperatures up to 450°C
- liquid cooled print heads to prevent jamming
- high torque stepper motors for faster and more accurate prints
- comes fully assembled and ready to print

The RoVa3D includes these additional features that are currently only available through Kickstarter:

- super flat print surface with a 100 micron tolerance from edge to edge
- larger and more robust heater for the print bed, allowing for bed temperatures of up to 125°C to the very edges
- lighted print bed for easier monitoring of print progress
- electronically controlled liquid cooling system that is automatically engaged during a print
- Hi FloTM Technology hot ends for smoother filament flow and trouble free printing
- option for touch screen and SD Card printing so your computer does not need to be tethered to the printer during the print (touch screen sold separately)

Founder and Chief Architect, Chris Gibson, said of the new printer: “Now that the MH3000R1 is in the hands of our original Kickstarter backers, we’ve had some time to work on this new version. We’ve also received lots of great feedback from these initial users that have helped us improve our printer and make it even better. And the best part is, so far, all of these upgrades are fully backwards compatible. We can supply owners of the MH3000R1 with the parts to upgrade their printer and make it equivalent to our new model. So we added a Kickstarter reward for them to do just that.”

ORD Solutions also found that MH3000R1 didn’t quite roll off the tongue the way they had hoped. And launching a new printer called the MH3000R2 didn’t seem to express the excitement they felt about the new features of this printer. So they launched a “Name Our Printer” contest. Over the two weeks of the contest, they invited anyone in Canada or the US to submit names. After the first week, under pressure from some of their existing customers, ORD Solutions opened the contest to the rest of the world. And it’s a good thing they did. The eventual winner of the contest is Joe Williams from Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. He suggested the name Rova in homage to the Mars Rover.

Many submissions pointed out that the printer reminded them of the Mars Rover. And that the red accents on the printer reminded them of Mars. Some even went so far as to suggest that the printer looked like something that belonged in space. So the name Rover was a frequent submission. Joe went in a slightly different direction, and suggested the name Rova, also in homage to the Mars Rover. This name was the hands down favourite of the entire team. It suggested that with the printer you could go and explore new territory otherwise unexplored. So Rova became the winning name. The “V” is capitalized to suggest the number 5 in Roman numerals, which is the number of print heads you can have in a fully loaded configuration. And, it’s still the only 3D printer to have 5 heads, so that is appropriate.

The Kickstarter campaign for the RoVa3D Printer will run for 35 days, ending on July 28.

About ORD Solutions
Located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, ORD Solutions manufactures and sells 3D Printers, supplies and accessories, and provides 3D Printing Consulting Services. Founded in 2010, their objective is to provide truly useful, high quality products and services focused on automating small scale manufacturing. ORD stands for Object Replication and Design.

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