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Ordained Bishop With Universal Life Church World Headquarters Publishes Another Book Entitled: "The Peacock on ViagraTM and Other Inspirational Self-Help Musings"

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Carrabelle, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2012 -- The head of The Universal Life Church World Headquarters Medical Advisory Board is proud to announce the release of his new book entitled: The Peacock on ViagraTM and Other Inspirational Self-Help Musings.

This book is a collection of reflections in the art of self-help from the beginning of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog founded in September 2009 through to the end of August 2012 at www.joelwlamoure.com. Enclosed are the 150 entries over the past 36 months from the highs to the lows reflecting positivity and challenges in life, humanity and the day-to-day moments that we all have. However, these moments are associated with moments (if we choose) of positivity, blessings and inspiration. There are gifts that abound around all of us that we miss for the noses on our faces. Per wit, the daily grind and accumulation of stuff drives us down… way down. Thanks to Life, and every one of you that inspired a passage in this text and my wonderful friends and family. May these words transform and pay it forward to help others help themselves to help others.

Dr. Joel Lamoure is affiliated with the University of Western Ontario, Departments of Psychiatry and Medicine at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry where he serves as an Associate Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, and Assistant Director of Continuing Medical Education. Effective August 2010, he has added into his portfolio the role of Associate Scientist with Lawson Health Research Institute. Secondary affiliations are with the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto as a Teaching Associate. Joel's interests include research, publishing, speaking, and motivational teaching. His primary clinical practice is in the Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit (MSICU) in London, Ontario.

In September 2011, Joel obtained his D.D from a private seminary school of theology and became ordained as a minister within the Order of St. Michael (OSM) and Order of St. Francis

The theory of the motivational work involves empowering others to help themselves help others. The Peacock on ViagraTM and Other Inspirational Self-Help Musings, 228 pps, paperback is available for $24.99, readers hereof can receive a 15% discount by clicking here.

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