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Highly Secure Internet Cloud Site Helps People Easily and Securely Store and Organize Their Personal Documents in One Location


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2017 --TheOneFile, a new cloud-based personal file storage system, aims to help users organize their busy lives and reduce stress by providing a better means to securely store personal information and documents for easy access when needed. Life is complicated and can lead to disorganization. The hardest part about living in disorganization is trying to locate important documents and information when they're needed. TheOneFile can securely store an unlimited number of documents, images, audio, and video in convenient digital folders, which are accessible to users 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from a smartphone, tablet, or computer -- even when away from home and on the go.

The most important user feature of any cloud-based storage system is cyber-security, and TheOneFile provides the strongest commercially available security technology to keep personal information safe from cyber threats. "Security was our number one design criteria", says Jim Kissane, Founder and CEO of the company that created TheOneFile. "Our security system is like that of a bank, making a successful hack virtually impossible. Our strategy was to make TheOneFile as difficult a target as possible to hackers and identity thieves." Along with 24/7 security monitoring and event management, TheOneFile utilizes the latest and strongest cyber-security technology, the most stringent forms of encryption, and world-class secure server and datacenter infrastructure to ensure that no one, can access your personal data. Security measures include multiple layers of security checks, intrusion monitoring, replicated data centers, and cybersecurity professionals trained and equipped to ensure the strongest level of data protection possible and provide users peace of mind that their private information remains private.

TheOneFile was specifically designed to give users a straightforward, easy-to-use "virtual" personal filing cabinet, with a filing system already set up for you. The system provides 18 major categories, and provides a total of 123 subfolders, each of which can hold an unlimited number of records. Within each subfolder, each record provides "fill-in-the-blank" fields to capture additional information and enables the user to set record-level reminders.  

"We're all guilty of procrastination and tend to wait for the perfect time to get our information and documents in order," says Kissane. "Unfortunately, we can find excuses for doing other things, knowing that it can be hard to figure out HOW to get organized, and as a result, most tend to put it off until there is an urgent need. That creates unneeded stress in our lives." Mr. Kissane continues, "We set out to create an easy, straightforward approach that simplifies storing and accessing your important information and documents, leaving you better prepared for whatever life throws at you. We want to help you protect your data, your photos, and your memories because if they are lost, they cannot be replaced by insurance." 

TheOneFile makes it easy to plan for the next stage in life, regardless of the circumstances. The convenient "Life Events" function helps users keep track of important life events such as marriages, moves, and births and serves as a living history that can be passed down through generations.

For any folder, users can designate one or more individuals, called Designated Parties, to receive secure copies of stored information. This feature enables users to protect their most private information and to plan for a future life event where providing access to this information may be beneficial to loved ones or trusted advisors. Users can designate family, friends, medical, financial or legal professionals as Designated Parties, to name a few.

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