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Out of the Bag and Into the Bottle - How Acology Inc. (OTCPINK:ACOL) Is Changing the Way We Carry Marijuana with the Medtainer

The Medtainer Is Changing The Way Consumers Carry Marijuana


Rochester, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2015 --Investor News Source Featured Company, Acology Inc (OTCPINK:ACOL), "Out of the bag and into the bottle" How one company is changing the way we carry marijuana for the better with their product The Medtainer.

Oh how the days have changed... Rewind to 1996 when prop 215 was first approved by the Golden State and California became the first to legalize medical marijuana in the US. The country was on the MJ move and it seemed like nothing could slow the movement down. Since then our hopes were realized across the country while Americans caught green fever. Today we still show no signs of legalization slowing down as the US has seen that over the past 14 years, 22 additional states, plus DC have legalized the medical use of marijuana. We've come so far in fact that today 4 states have gone as far as to out right legalizing cannabis for recreational use.

It's been a long journey indeed and commercial progress is numerically phenomenal for an industry that's not even old enough to drive yet. State tax revenues are up and in Colorado they recently posted 100M in monthly tax revenue. Crime rates in certain areas are dropping and profitable businesses are helping to shape the world view on Marijuana by erasing the former stigma of "grass" with great products and solutions for smokers who don't want to be seen as a stoner.

Beyond the plant, companies have shown ingenuity, creativity and resolve to manufacture and distribute products that just a short time ago would have been considered seedy or "stoner" ish. Head shops and dispensaries were dark or downright illegal just a short time ago so the process of changing the country's view on people who medicate with MJ has rested with some more then others. Stoners have become consumers so it makes sense that people want better ways to carry and partake in marijuana consumption. What has come out of the counties green transition is that today's products complement the plant but more importantly they compliment the lifestyle of the average consumer. Instead of parking lot 'pick ups' we have in store samples to help you with your choices when shopping.

Back in in the day marijuana was sold in plastic bags by the finger or gram and handed off in secret. Today plastic bags have labels specifically for marijuana and even they are being replaced by jars and containers. Becoming more formal with the way carry marijuana says alot and to me reflects a stigma shift in domestic attitudes toward marijuana. As a consumer who legally buys or sells marijuana it's a pretty clear question to face when carrying MJ; Would you rather be seen with marijuana in a plastic bag or in a container/bottle? As simple as the question is, the answer is equally as simplistic in my opinion. If you want to look like a shady user and not a sophisticated consumer then please by all means go with the "baggie". But if you have social awareness and you're responsible with your prescriptions then the perfect solution is a container. It's no surprise that one company is starting to seriously take market share away from ZipLock and Johnson and Johnson with their simple yet trending solution. It's called the Medtainer. The Medtainer, which is owned by publicly traded Acology Inc, (OTCPINK:ACOL).

It's fitting that this company is from California where prop 215 changed the world and it became the first state to do the impossible. It's with that sentiment of change that these guys have carved out a rather large Niche for themselves by creating the world's first plastic container with built in grinder.

The Medtainer is water proof, smell proof, child proof and stigma proof. For the ladies, they no longer have to carry a sketchy, smelly plastic bag in their purse that stinks up everything... and for the guys, well these things are just pretty freaking cool and fit in a jean pocket no problem!

No one wants to be seen with a bag of pot any more we have evolved past that and frankly as a consumer myself, I just wouldn't be seen with a 'baggie' of grass ever. These things are discrete, fully functional and on some level they're an expression of ourselves. Similar to cell phone cases people are buying more than one and some people are actually just collecting them outright. They come in different colors, sizes and with brands like Dope clothing, Snoop Dogg and MassRoots, consumers are buying up their favorite signature series containers until they sell out! For distribution where their clothing is sold makes for an easy justification on spending 10 bucks but these things are showing up on gas stations, celebrity collaborations and of course smoke shops love the product.

This is more a social movement rather than just a product fad as people toss aside their plastic bags for a branded containers. The Medtainer, which is owned by publicly traded Acology Inc, (Trading symbol ACOL) has joined forces and started collaborating with tech start ups like Mass Roots and has recently combined with music artists and clothing lines as well to brand these containers for the consumer and the numbers look great! They teamed up with Shake Junt and the Cali connection but most notable is the DOPE clothing collaboration and Nasdaq candidate MassRoots (Trading symbol MSRT). I mean 'DOPE' containers just makes sense and are now offered everywhere DOPE clothing is sold.

As The Medtainers popularity grows and their consumers buy more than just one at a time, the Medtainer has effectively started to change the way we are looked at as smokers and in my mind have changed the very way we carrying marijuana on our person forever more. If we act responsibly then we're viewed as having responsibility so from what I have experienced, the grinder container from The Medtainer is helping us do just that. Medicate responsibly and check out more from my blog in the next couple of days.

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