P-Var by Crazy Mass Copies Steroid Anavar to Cut and Harden Muscles - No Side Effects, Excellent Reviews

P-var or Paravar from Crazy Mass is a unique alternative for steroid Anavar. It is free of all kinds of negative side effects and is proven to be excellent for cutting. It not only burns excess fat, both subcutaneous and visceral but also drains out excess water from the body to reveal better muscle definition. It is anabolic in nature and preserves lean muscle in the body. It is not surprising that it has been getting amazing user reviews.


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2014 -- Cutting is important to lose excess fat and reveal obscure muscle in the body. It is not surprising that cutting supplements are in huge demand among bodybuilders. Crazy Mass is known for its range of natural steroids that have been getting a great response from bodybuilders around the world. Anavar is a steroid that is well known for its cutting effects. Paravar or P-VAR from Crazy Mass is a safe alternative to anavar.

“Paravar is known to help with cutting. One of the most important features of this supplement is that it can help cut down on calories without reducing lean muscle in the body. This is what makes it better than most of the other cutting supplements in the market. It is known to reduce both subcutaneous and visceral fat in the body” explains a spokesperson.

Some of the main points highlighted in Paravar Review conducted by include the following:

-100% safe alternative to steroid anavar
-Great for cutting cycles
-Increases vascularity and muscle nourishment
-Reduces fat without reducing lean muscle in the body
-Helps get harder and denser muscles
-Suitable for both men and women
-100% legal
-No known side effects
-No prescription required
-Taken orally, no injections needed
-Excellent user reviews

Paravar is a supplement that has been getting excellent reviews both from bodybuilders and fitness experts. It is known to work even better when combined with other supplements like Testosterone MAX and Clenn Max from Crazy Mass” says a spokesperson.

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