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P90X3 Workout Program - Where to Buy P90X3 Canada?

The P90X3 Canada is now available at As Seen on TV Canada. This 90 day program is designed for anyone to get the same results of a 1 hour workout in just half the time.


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2014 -- The P90X3 Workout Program is a revolutionary fitness program now available at As Seen on TV Canada. It's designed by expert trainer Tony Horton who was the mind behind other famous Beachbody products such as the Power 90, P90X and P90X2. Beachbody is the company known to put out the best workout dvd's on the market including others such as Les Mills Combat, Turbo Fire, Insanity, Focus T-25 and many more.

Unlike traditional workout programs which last an hour, the P90X3 delivers a workout that is just as intense in only half the time. So if you're planning on getting ripped, build muscle or lose weight or whatever the fitness goal, the P90X3 90-day challenge will help you get there. Despite this being the third part of the P90X series you do not have to do the first two in order to anticipate in the P90X3 workout program.

Every workout is 30 minutes long. Depending on your fitness goals you can choose from one of 4 different programs. The Classic Program is suitable for any one, the Lean Program is for those who want to drop body fat and lean out. The Mass Program is for those who want to bulk up and finally the Double Program is for those who are already in great shape and want to excel and do two workouts in a day. Like most workout programs the P90X3 is 90 days long.

Unlike many fitness programs that are catered to a certain fitness level the P90X3 is great for those who are just starting to get into shape as well as fitness enthusiasts who are already in great shape. It offers modified versions of exercises so that anyone can start the program and advance as slowly or quickly as their body allows. It can be used as a starting point for the original P90X and P90X2 workout programs.

The P90X3 workout program consists of 16 high intensity workouts on 8 DVD's. Each workout is split into 4 groups consisting of Power Workouts, Resistance Workouts, Core Workouts, Cardio Workouts and Flexibility and Balance Workouts.

Resistance Workouts include Totaly Synergistics which offers full-body resistance that helps strengthen your upper body. It will help build lean muscle while ripping up the lower body faster.

The Cardio Workouts combine CVX, MMX and Accelerator. The CVX which powers up your core as you get a full body burn from resistance training using intervals. The MMX burs fat by taxing your endurance, strength and flexibility using a martial arts inspired workout. Finally the Accelerator increases your cardiovascular and muscular efficiency to burn fat.

Power Workouts use Agility X which combines aerobic and anaerobic activity to improve flexibility, balance and strength. Using Triometrics you'll be able to increase speed for explosive ply workouts and balance your ability to control weight using multi-angle decelerations training.

Core, Flexibility and Balance Workouts combine X3 Yoga, Pilates X, Isometrix and Dynamix. The X3 Yoga helps you improve stamina, balance, flexibility and core strength. Pilates X is where modern science meets Pilates. This portion helps you gain muscle elasticity and stabilize your joints. Isometrix provides an unshakable platform as contraction is combined with instability. Dynamix increases your range of motion, stability and flexibility to help maximize your results ever time.

In order to effectively participate in the P90X3 Canada program it is recommended that you get the necessary fitness equipment including a chin up bar and resistance dumbbells. Other optional equipment includes a yoga mat/gym mat and the P90X Chin-Up Max and PowerStands.

Currently the P90X3 Canada is currently not available in stores yet however As Seen on TV Canada provides the same deal promoted on television and P90X3 reviews. Included in the P90X3 Workout Program is a 16 extreme 30 minute workouts,Nutrition Plan, Fitness Guide, Workout Calendar, "How to Accelerate" DVD and 24/7 Online Support.

Find out more about the P90X3 Canada and read P90X3 reviews at As Seen on TV Canada.

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