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Pain Relief Cream: Serious Facts About Aloe Based Pain Relievers

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Kinnelon, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2014 -- With more pain relievers on the market today than ever before people can get a headache from simply trying to decide which to buy. Seems like every cream and lotion on the market does the same thing in a thousand different ways. The question is how to tell the difference? When considering the side effects of some, it is almost better off not to even using one.

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Advantage Pain Relief uses 100% all natural ingredients, including Aloe Vera, to provide instant pain relief for everything from arthritis and muscle pain to sciatica, and every bodily ache in between. The natural ingredients of this cream are encased and delivered directly into deep tissue through microscopic envelopes called "liposomes". This allows Advantage Pain Relief to promote recovery, repairing, reenforcing, and strengthening the cells in damaged tissue.

Each ingredient put into Advantage Pain Relief was added with a specific purpose in mind, the combination of which delivers a highly potent blast of cooling pain relief to your body. This sensation is caused by Campher, derived from Campher Laurel Evergreen trees found in Asia. The cooling feeling is actually a subtle, natural anesthetic that relieves discomfort. Menthol, which comes from peppermint, relieves aches and pains associated with sprains, muscle soreness, and even headaches, and Wintergreen Oil is used to treat joint and muscle pains while distracting the nerves from pain. Long-lasting, high concentrate aloe relief also helps to keep your skin moisturized and looking healthy, without the use of unnatural oils and chemical products!

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The lack of chemicals and natural aloe pain relief formula results in a product that is grease-free, smell-free, and non-slippery, and can be applied smoothly with virtually no evidence left behind aside from the amazing effects of all these natural ingredients. Advantage Pain Relief is available for purchase in a 3 oz. jar, making it the perfect size for travel, and is frequently hailed as being the most effective modern day pain relief cream available. Only a small amount of cream is proven to last for hours, available without prescription.

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