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Kinnelon, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2014 -- Total Health announced their release of a revolutionary pain relief cream containing 70% Aloe Vera as a healing agent, among the highest in the marketplace. Advantage Pain Relief is 100% natural, toxin-free pain relief cream containing six different homeopathic ingredients that work with the Aloe Vera to actually heal and repair damaged tissue and provide long-lasting recovery to tennis elbow pain.

Advantage Pain Relief offers an effective way to treat carpal tunnel, painful backs, strained necks and bruises. Advantage Pain Relief is a cream that’s easy to use and has no toxic chemicals. The combination of homeopathic ingredients is completely safe to use and offers an alternative treatment for painful carpal tunnel symptoms without surgery.

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What makes Advantage Pain Relief different from the many topical pain creams currently available on the market is its remarkable ability to deliver immediate pain relief by working on damaged tissues to strengthen and reinforce weak cells. Most cases of back pain are caused by tissue cells that have ruptured and become inflamed, causing chronic pain. Advantage Pain Relief is able to offer immediate cessation of pain because its patented delivery system ensures that its oil and water based all-natural ingredients soak deeply into muscle tissue to begin the work of repairing and restoring damaged cells.

Pain relief sprays spray typically has a radius of three to four inches when applied. Since creams are applied directly to the damaged tissue or pain area they are able to get closer and deeper into the skin. This physical proximity allows a cream a much more effective radius of action when it comes to actually relieving pain. Sprays have a tendency to branch out over areas that are not even affected by pain.

Creams are proven to more easily be absorbed into the the body then sprays which just cover the surface of the skin. Quicker absorption means quicker relief of pain. Sprays have more trouble, first of all, because they are so spread out. Secondly, however, creams are closer to the pain to begin with. This means that all of the medicine that is absorbed will get to the source more quickly.

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Creams have the ability to contain more natural ingredients and solution makes is that will work better on pain. Because creams are more solid and able to stay together the active ingredients are less likely to separate. Sprays, as they spread out over a wide area, are proven to have a tendency of dispersing their molecules and separate. Advantage Pain Relief is a cream based pain relief solution that is made to ease pain right at the source. The proprietary aloe based formula that Advantage Pain Relief contains ensures that you are receiving the absolute most effective and natural pain relief treatment that is currently on the market.

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