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Paleo Food Tours Gets NYC Cavemen Hooked on Fish

Where do hungry cavemen head when craving a fish dinner? NYC of course! And Paleo Food Tours knows just what to feed them.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2014 -- Paleo Food Tours is NYC's newest and only primal food tour that knows just what's on the menu for today's modern caveman and cavewoman. This interactive prehistoric food adventure is taking fellow food lovers on a “hunt” to discover some of the tastiest paleo delectables the Big Apple has to offer. And leading their bands of paleolithic foodies are Paleo Food Tours own Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew -- licensed NYC tour guides aka the Comical Nutritional Aficionados. These two primal food explorers not only know where to find New York 's favorite foods but they also tell the story of how certain foods came into being, and especially how they were caught (no fish story intended) which is brightly illuminated by the use of some pretty cool audio visual technology.

“A lot people don't realize that man has been catching and enjoying fish for over 50,000 years.” says Dr. Stew. “In fact, right before the dawn of agriculture our prehistoric ancestors really started getting their act together when it came to fishing with the invention of a whole slew of fishing gear that significantly increased their catch.”

And when it comes to chowing down on the Catch of the Day, Paleo Food Tours knows that any self-respecting caveman always heads to the nearest and biggest cave which in the case of NYC happens to be Grand Central Terminal -- the world's most famous cave and a virtual underground city of shops, food outlets and a heck of a lot of amazing history.

“People are amazed that Grand Central has been around for over 100 years and during that time uncounted millions have passed though its tunnels and passageways with one lingering question looming in their minds -- where can I grab a bite to eat? And now Paleo Food Tours is able and ready to lead those inquiring minds on a tasty adventure through this iconic terminal,” says Dr. Pete.

So if you feel like a frozen fish dinner just won't satisfy the caveman within you, take a giant leap back through time and join up with Paleo Food Tours -- they'll turn you on to a tasty fillet of New York City.

About Paleo Food Tours
Paleo Food Tours ( is New York's only paleo prehistoric interactive food tour that allows participants to eat like a caveman in New York's 21st century. Their food tours are open to public private and corporate events.